• Yes it is.

    Yes civil disobedience is morally justified.In The United States of America we have this thing called freedom of speech, which makes things like protesting and speaking your mind justified. Using freedom of speech does not cause any harm to anyone as long as they are not being physical about it.

  • Civil disobedience is sometimes necessary

    The moral justifications of civil disobedience are usually present in order to make the act acceptable. When the citizens of a country view their government as being unfair or corrupt, civil disobedience is sometimes necessary in order to correct society for the better. Therefore, if there is a concrete reasoning behind why the civil disobedience is taking place, then it is usually justified.

  • Civil disobedience brings more chaos

    Although every human has the right to freedom of speech, opinions etc. We should also take into account the safety of those around us. If civilians take their disobedience to an extreme level such as riots and rebellions, then the innocent people around us will be affected. It's time for people to accept decisions made by their respective governments. If they are unhappy about a certain law then it could be handled in a more civilized and safe way i.e. through petitions or lobbying or other forms of safe negotiations.

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