• Climate Change a Threat to All

    I'm not sure what the specific link is to military security, but climate change is a threat to every person and country on this planet. Therefore, by default, it must be a threat to our military. I believe the effects of climate change are vastly misunderstood and underestimated, and we will find out soon by just how much.

  • Yes, but it is fascinating that it isn't because of threats to food security, water, livelihoods etc but because military installations will be flooded!

    This surely moves the Climate change denial camp to the outer reaches of the absolutely so far off the right spectrum they've almost come full circle? Insurance companies accept the role of climate change in assessing future risks. They have to assess future exposure to risks and identify potential liabilities. These are hard-headed businesses.The same applies to military thinking too.
    Yes, we all need to ask other businesses to consider their potential impact on the environment. We as consumers can lobby retailers and producers alike.

  • No, it is not a threat to military security.

    Climate change is not a real threat to climate security. Yes, climate change may impact weather patters; causing droughts and severe floods which could upset the global food supply. However, this does not necessarily translate into a military threat. The greatest military threats facing the world today are international terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

  • Climate Change Doesn't Exist

    The people who say that climate change is going to ruin the country just want to tell other people what to do. They tell people that they shouldn't drive cars, while they fly across the country in corporate jets. People will do anything for power, and the climate change movement is just another power grab.

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