Is climate change chiefly human-caused: Is global warming chiefly caused by humans (yes) or by natural phenomenon (no)?

  • In a sense it's both

    Yes many earth born factors such as volcanic eruptions and solar radiation is a cause for global warming but recently humans have greatly impacted it. From all of the fossil fuels and other things we burn and release into our atmosphere it damages it. Natural causes will always exist sure, I mean we cant control the weather or some climate change but humans have greatly sped up the process at an alarming rate and it will only continue to increase unless something is done. I'm a freshmen in high school and honestly am discussed with people who cannot even fathom the idea of helping our environment because soon if we keep this up then we will no longer have a planet to live on. Earth will become unbearable and everyone will die unless we find another planet to live on. Hell even if we do if people don't change the same thing will happen to that planet as Earth.

  • Humans are having a large effect

    I think some global warming would be taking place with or without humans. However I also believe humans are speeding up the process a great deal. People talk about going green and environmentally friendly but even then global warming will continue. As long as we are here we are speeding up climate change.

  • We created the problem.

    Climate change is, without a doubt, primarily caused by humans. While there is some contribution by natural phenomenon, our actions and behaviors over the last 100 or so years have contributed to the environmental breakdown of our planet. I think the only real thing in this that should be up for debate is whether or not we can reverse the damage.

  • Global warming is engineered by humans.

    Global warming is part natural phenomenon and mostly human caused. We can't look at the Earth around us and not realize all of the things that we have done to it are not having an effect. Everything we have done to the planet has geared us towards where we are at in regards to global warming.

  • Global warmining is chiefly caused by humans.

    Global warming is chiefly caused by humans. It is a fact that we are doing nothing but causing the global warming. The amount of pollution that we are placing in the atmosphere directly relates to the amount of greenhouse gases in the ozone. People are continuing to cause the climate change.

  • No, humans cannot control nature.

    No, global warning is not chiefly caused by humans, because humans are not causing global warming at all. People who believe in global warming think humans are more powerful than they actually are. God is big. Humans are not. Humans only wish that they could control the universe and the weather. If you don't believe in God, you can believe in Mother Nature. And who can control their mother? I didn't think so.

  • Global warming is mainly a factor of nature

    While it's hard to believe that humans have no impact on climate change, it's very easy to see that forces greater than man control the weather. Cycles of warming and cooling have been going on since the formation of the Earth. We are headed into at least a 10 year period of few or no sun spots. It will be interesting to see how cold it gets over the next decade!

  • Climate change is inevitable

    Climate change has always happened and there is no reason to wonder about the chief cause. The only question is how much influence humans have exerted on the rate of change. Since the ice age the planet has been warming up and the rate of change has always been within a certain band of expectation. Since humans have started abusing the planet the rate of change has shifted to the higher end of the expected rate. Even though the human contribution cannot be accurately measured, we still need to stop abusing the planet.

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