• Yes, Clint Eastwood is becoming senile.

    Clint Eastwood, as well as many other elderly Americans, is starting to show signs of aging. Becoming senile is one of the normal phases of aging. As people get older they lose capabilities both mentally and physically. Clint Eastwood is no different than any other human being. The progress of his senility may be more obvious because he is such a public feature, but it is not an uncommon occurrence with aging.

  • Yes, Clint Eastwood is becoming senile.

    Yes, Clint Eastwood is becoming senile as he ages. It is a normal process and progression for older adult to find themselves retaining less information. Clint Eastwood is not in the public light as much as he used to be, primarily because he is aging rapidly and likely does not have the memory he used to as a professional.

  • I agree Clint Eastwood is becoming somewhat senile or lax in his judgement.

    Recent comments by Clint Eastwood have been shocking and disturbing in my opinion. He has labeled our society as "too sensitive" to certain issues and that we should "just get over it" in many cases. Of course many of these issues do not exactly apply to him such as racism or political correctness, so getting over it for him would be easy. I have always been fan of Clint Eastwood movies and am very disappointed now to hear his views on important topics in our society.

  • No, he is not

    What a ridiculous question. Just because he is old does not mean he is senile. If this question is in reference to his recent comments on Donald Trump, I agree with him. We do live in a ***sy nation nowadays where everybody feels the need to be apologized to for anything that might offend their delicate senses.

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