• Yes shes absolutely lying.

    She is absolutely lying for the simple fact there are many clips out there that she has said there was no classified emails, everything was turned over, blah blah blah. Director Comey himself said this was not the case. She has a long history of lying to the American People and there is absolutely 0 evidence to suggest it would stop if elected. I dont understand the people who openly support her and enable her lying to continue.

  • Yes, Clinton is lying about her emails.

    Yes, Clinton has a history of covering up, obfuscating and outright lying about her email affairs every step of the way up until now. This theme has been consistent since the private email server scandal broke up until it was revealed she was an active participant in the anti-semitic smearing of Bernie Sanders. Why would anyone believe anything she says at this point?

  • No, she has been harassed.

    Clinton is not lying about e-mails, despite the fact that she is not entirely forthcoming. As americans we have forgotten that withholding information and paraphrasing is not the same as lying. We have also forgotten that releasing information in the e-mails was what got her in troubel in the first place.

  • Clinton is not lying about e-mails

    Hillary Clinton is not lying about her e-mails. She has admitted she made an error in using her personal server, which the FBI also stated. However, the FBI, which conducted a detailed investigation, also said there was no malice or intent. Clinton followed advice from people, which was in-line with her predecessors.

  • Does it really matter

    Clinton's statements seem to line up fairly well with the FBI investigation and the ones that don't have been dealt with. It seems to be a mute point now. After the many investigations, including the FBI's and the decision not to prosecute Clinton, there is really very little more to say about the email situation.

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