• Yes, she is.

    Yes, Clinton is right in being suspicious of Trump hiding his tax returns. In fact, many citizens and officials are very suspicious of him. What's he hiding? Why won't Trump release his taxes? Is he cheating? Does he owe millions in back taxes? All these questions and more come to mind.

  • Yes, she should be.

    Trump could potentially hiding a great deal by not being forthcoming about his tax returns. He has made a great deal of promises in his campaign based on how much money he has, what he makes, what he spends and how his businesses are doing. By not showing these tax returns he can lie about these things.

  • Other presidents have done it

    Donald Trump is hiding something, or he would release his returns. Even Nixon released his when he was already under investigation and when he was being audited. If there is nothing to hide, not just Hillary Clinton but the American people should be suspicious of what Trump has to hide.

  • Yes, Clinton has a right to be suspicious.

    Yes, Clinton has a right to be suspicious of Trump hiding his tax returns. Every presidential candidate in recent memory has released his or her tax returns, and it should come as no surprise that Trump is facing pressure to release his. The fact that he is a billionaire businessman raises questions as well, since he may have engaged in illegal practices to make his fortune.

  • Clinton should be suspicious.

    Trump not releasing his tax returns raises a red flag. What is he hiding? Many people want to know what he may or may not be hiding from us. J j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j j

  • She hid a lot a more, and is probably still hiding things from us.

    I can't say that I'm happy with the result of this election, but I do have to say that Trump's scandals were far less serious than Hillary's scandals, which stopped me from supporting her. I didn't support anyone. Hillary got our people killed in Benghazi and then lied about it, Hillary sold Plutonium to the Russians, Hillary had a trail of people who died suspicious deaths behind her who spoke out too much against her. 32 people last time I checked, the same as the death toll of Virginia Tech. And she didn't have to kill herself to escape punishment like Seung-Hui Cho did after killing 32 people because she's rich and powerful enough to get away with it. Trump is an idiot, Hillary is a psycho. Our founding fathers would be so proud.

  • No, she isn't

    Donald Trump doesn't have to release his tax returns at all. It is not required, therefore he isn't "hiding" anything. People are just looking for things to be mad about with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Half of the people that are against or for either of the politicians couldn't give you one legitimate reason on why you shouldn't like them. Even worse is that those same people know hardly anything of the policies and promises of the candidates. It's sad and it's ignorant. It speaks numbers of our country and its people.

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