• Yes, Clinton may be taking some of Sanders' policies to heart

    Yes, Clinton may be taking some of Sanders' policies to heart, at least the ones that will help his campaign. There is no reason for Hilary Clinton not to take the policies that Bernie Sanders had that were popular and may be effective. They are in the same party so she respects his policies.

  • Clinton is taking on Sanders' policies

    Hillary Clinton has adopted some of Bernie Sanders' proposed policies. This includes being against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal she previously supported. She has also embraced some of his other ideas, such as his healthcare proposal and free public college tuition. A tax on carbon emissions is also a part of the Democratic Party platform.

  • Of course not.

    Clinton is a slimy monster who will do anything to get elected. This includes pretending to stand for something because she knows it will get her votes. She has been flip flopping to whatever will more likely get her elected. This shows she gives absolutely no regard to Sander's polices. She is adopting them for her campaign just to gain Sander's supporters. When she gets elected, she'll disregard all her promises in her campaign and show the world what a lizard she truly is.

  • Only to Buy Votes

    Even though Hillary has announced her support for some of the many ideas originally espoused by Bernie Sanders, she does not take his policies to heart. Clinton will no doubt incorporate something into her possible presidency but it may or may not look like what Sanders would have envisioned. In the end what she will offer would detract from the Socialist vision idealized by Bernie Sanders and his campaign.

  • Clinton may be disingenuous in regards to Sanders' policies

    While Hillary Clinton may be running on a platform with some of Bernie Sanders' policies included, this is by no means a guarantee that she will adopt those policies if elected to the presidency. Indeed, many politicians may "adopt" policies while running for office in order to garner the votes of potential voters.

  • No, Clinton is not taking Sanders' policies to heart.

    Hillary Clinton desperately wants the support of the Sanders supporters. However, Clinton is not likely going to take most of Sanders policies to heart. Clinton has long been a more centrist Democrat; especially when it comes to the issues that Sanders cares so much about. Therefore, Sanders supporters will likely be disappointed by a President Hillary Clinton, because she is unlikely to take his policies to heart.

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