• Cloning is fine

    Cloning is fine, and doesn't really run the ethical risks a lot claim it does. Many of these claims come from ignorance on the process of cloning itself, and the idea we'd make exact copies of people with their memories and ideas, and some sort of evil mad sci-fi plot.

  • They are not the same person though

    Cloning is good for humanity but will need to be controlled. Over population is already a big issue. Also making a clone would make a baby not just a twin like figure. They would go through their own childhood and their own important life events. It could help with space exploration. But their might be protests and even wars over clone rights. Then maybe clones will clone clones but that could end disastrous because there would be no genetic diversity.

  • Of course yes!

    All problems solved..
    Food: Clone things
    Soldiers: MAKE SO MANY
    Anything you think of.... Just because you clone doesnt mean you cant engineer them to not eat food but like suck out bad things like smog and stuff like that. We could send clone machines on spaceships so we can have an infinite journey! WE COULD ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH!

  • Yeah it's rad

    Because A: Then I can do whatever I want because I know an exact copy of me will have the same ambitions as me. And it's also cool because then I can finally fix the problem of hanging out with friends and chilling with my girlfriend, thus pleasing both worlds. And it's not cheating if a clone starts dating someone, because I'm not cheating. Why is cloning illegal, it makes no sense. Also velociraptors, clone raptors but make them civil. Make them so that they can understand human concepts and then become a part of society. That way, raptors will eventually be just as equal as any human. We'd have a new category of "first velociraptor blank", like first velociraptor president or first velociraptor in space. Then, raptors might also be into sports so imagine having a superbowl party and one of your friends there is a velociraptor and he has a jersey on and everything. That would be so perfect. Also mammoths, I've always wondered what Mammoth tasted like. We could clone mammoths and make mammoth steak & mammoth burgers. Unless it tasted awful in which case ew. And then we could live forever because on our death we could restart life as a clone. I would write down a list of things not to do, just so my clone has like the coolest life ever. "Reminder- start watching doctor who ASAP"

  • Jurassic Park you idiots

    Cloning humans seems kind of useless but we could bring back extinct or endangered species. We could have Jurassic Park. And if anyone says that Jurassic Park is bad, is wrong. It's freaking dinosaurs. Of course we would have to advance our technology to do that, but we've done it before so we're good.

  • I mean, whatever.

    It's not like overpopulation will happen within a month if we do clone people. I believe there are actually many laws in areas of the world that prevent human cloning anyway, so what is everyone worried about when they say "what if you run into your other clone?" "what if i get caught fir cheating?".

  • I don't think it's okay...

    I definitely don't think it's okay to clone a human being or any of type of living thing. I think it's not a good thing because the cloned person/animal will never be the same as the real one. I would not want a different animal or human being. It's just not the same...

  • U fucking suck

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  • No I think that it is a horrible thing to do!!

    Why would people be so stupid and think that cloning is a good thing? You were supposed to be born different from everyone else! Having a "clone" or a twin are two different things. Cloning humans is wrong, to me they are like another type of species. So SAY NO TO CLONING!!

  • Are u kidding!!

    This is a very stupid! You may have your I don't know lets say pet again but you will never have that real pet again! And with a child you may make it how you want but it will never be its true self.

    I rest my case by saying don't clone

  • Just common sense

    -It wreaks havoc with the gene pool
    -Clones of deceased loved ones will not, I repeat, WILL NOT be the same person
    -Overpopulation has already happened and two of its poster-children are India and China
    -We still can't clone a sheep without 260+ tries and have it live for longer than 1/2 its life expectancy (google dolly the sheep for more info)
    -Important organs (like the liver, the heart and BRAIN) often have huge defects
    -We can't seem to give human rights to the people that are already born naturally, so lets fix that before we think about creating another minority to discriminate against
    -After we break the human cloning taboo, a few half-baked geniuses are going to try the old human-hybrid thing and, in that scenario, everything above this point just goes double

  • Overpopulation will kill.

    The overpopulation will destroy our society. Today our world is overpopulated and cloning will just make the world more populated. What would that mean, well it means less food for each of us and it also means that there are no jobs because the clones have already took them. Then if there are no jobs then the poverty rate will skyrocket. To conclude where are you going to put the defects and all of the people of the world's bodies when they are dead?

  • Why would it be?

    It is not okay,
    -It is lowering your originality and self worth, Yes it would be fun to have 10 of us to do chores and homework and errands but it is just plain creepy.
    -What if you are on a date and your clone is on a date, he or she would see and dump you fir cheating.

    Cloning is just plain dumb

  • NO to human cloning.

    Human cloning is only use by those who are desperate, either they lost a love one or they need something to pleasure themselves, or for other more dangerous purpose such as for wars. Cloning human personally is very wrong and it make have a unknown lethal effect on us the normal one, or other species. Everything is suppose to be natural, however if we continue to play god it will not be good.

  • Cloning defeats the purpose of being unique individuals!

    I don't agree with cloning. I think this because people and animals alike were created to be unique individuals, and it makes me uncomfortable that you can completely copy an individual organism, which completely defeats the purpose of being different from other people. Therefore, I disagree with the very concept of cloning.

  • It is not ethical

    Have you ever read "My SIster's Keeper?" It is about a girl who is made just so that she can be used for her blood and organs to be donated to her terminally sick sister. Why would you want to create a human clone? To see how they turn out? What do you think this would mean for the child, that they would know that they are just some lab experiment? It is not ok and the child, even if left alone from scientific experiments and research, would be on this earth for that reason. They were created from research, not love

  • I don't think it's okay...

    I definitely don't think it's okay to clone a human being or any of type of living thing. I think it's not a good thing because the cloned person/animal will never be the same as the real one. I would not want a different animal or human being. It's just not the same...

  • Cloning is Bad!

    It is unethical and dangerous. If we begin cloning we may start doing scientifically impossible and unethical things resulting in many deaths and injuries. Cloning is inhumane as it is a living being with feelings and emotions and by cloning it you expose it to diseases and problems that may not even be currently known to science.

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