• Without a Doubt

    CNN has gone so far left its now only a half serious joke they should be relegated to the editorial page. CNN has no idea what's happening other than in California and New York. It continues to try to act like it's a fair network and tries to bring "educated" Reuplbicans in and ambush them only to lose consistently on their own network. They were rightfully called the Clinton News Network and have no ethical or moral journalistic behaior. If they ever go back to the days of calling out fake news, CNN would be forced to close its doors.

  • As a Canadian who just blocked CNN from my TV favorites, I am embarrassed for them as well as all Democrats, talk about sore losers.

    As a Canadian watching CNN appears to be one sided,I can't believe how corrupt the Democratic Party is and that CNN is so one sided. After reading about how George Soros practically owns the Obama (who by the way campaigned harder for Clinton than he did his own) seems Obama IS a puppet for George Soros. I am embarrassed for him as well as all Americans who supported him as well as Clinton (sore losers). I have now cancelled my subscription to CNN and prefer Fox News.

  • Extremely one-sided opinions.

    I get it! Who ever pays, thats who orders the music, but it should have sertain limits!!! Personaly outraged by CNN and how poorly they deliver news especially debates and disputes! Some times you just want to say shame on you for being so unfair and one sided!
    Common guys, this is so obvious now that I sagest you should really rethink your way of work. Don't let them compare you to the most ancient profession ;))

  • Yes they are.....

    Shut down in part of the Markets fighting for more money because they under-funded. In fact so much so that Jeff Zucker couldn't put together the cash to pick up friend David Gregory. Hard to layoff 10% of your staff and pay out a new large Anchor.... Too liberal too long...

  • I don't think so.

    CNN is not failing. In fact, judging from my own feelings and those I talk to often, CNN is gaining in its followers, and MSNBC is losing followers. I'm a bit of a news junkie, though I go in phases of watching so much news and then take breaks, and I have personally switched to CNN because although it has become diluted, I think it's still one of the best options out there.

  • No CNN is not failing, CNN is doing a great job of delivering the news to its audience.

    CNN is doing a great job of delivering the news to its audience. The global news as well as the national news is delivered in a clear and proper way. CNN has been doing a superb job of assuring that the American people receive the best news for many years.

  • No, CNN is not failing.

    No, I do not think that CNN is failing, and that it is just as competitive as other news networks like Fox News and MSNBC. CNN still has a strong following when it comes to viewers, and many people feel that CNN is the balanced option for getting news from both perspectives on an issue.

  • I don't think so

    No, I don't think CNN is failing. I think CNN is going in a different direction with its new anchors and news programs, however. I think CNN can do better with its choice of on air personalities and the stories they choose to showcase throughout the news day. But overall, I stick with CNN because of its objectivity in some stories.

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