• Fortnite sucks and is overplayed

    Fortnite gets really boring I have never wanted a game shut down more than Fortnite it's fucking shit everyday at school I hear some shithole say the word Fortnite I can't sit down without some bitch mentioning Fortnite overtime when the teacher isn't looking some shithole does a cringe Fortnite dance

  • To people who haven't played both games

    I have been playing Cod ever since MW1. The game style has changed over the years, and ever since treyarch, sledgehammer, and infinity ward have departed it went downhill from there. Call of duty has been here for years and it still has made an impact on the gaming community. Fortnite Battle Royale is an amazing game, but eventually it will get boring much faster than call of duty. Cod has 3 gamemodes, while Fortnite only has two, with one doing much better than the other. If we look at the statistics, Fortnite has grown faster, but Cod has a head start and has been around for more than a decade.

  • For anyone over 10 years old..

    ...Call of Duty is far superior. The latest version, WWII is in my opinion the best COD so far. It's well balanced and continues to be entertaining 6 months in. I found Fortnight to be random and boring. No matter how many times I try spending time playing, ultimately I lose interest.

  • Good job Activi$ion

    Although I don't like Fortnite, I can easily say new black ops are going down with quality after Black Ops 1.
    New game without campaign still costs 60$ for skeleton game and 110$ for full one and it's full of microtransactions. Meanwhile Fortnite is free and you don't have to pay 15$ for new update.

  • Cod is dead

    Call of duty is full of hackers and it is very annoying. Having to open supply crates also broke the game. World war 2 is the worst so far. Call of duty can only go down hill from here. Fortnite is very balanced and it requires skill. And you don't have to pay at all unless you want skins or emotes or pickaxes

  • This game DOO DOO

    I am an OG cod player with an unbiased opinion. Recent call of duty games have been doo doo and i like fortnite a lot more. My favorite youtuber is Ali A because his reactions are very genuine and real. Furthermore he is really good at the game despite of how many hours the has in the game. Follow my twitter DhudyD. I am the only one here therfore i automatically win.

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