• It's wrong for so many reasons.

    First, marriage is to protect women. A woman's biological clock ticks faster than a man's. So, her "good years" are burning much faster than the man's. Men can always marry younger, but not so much with women...If one party decides they want kids.

    Plus, it distorts dating. I've met women (as a single guy) that are great matches, but are encumbered by a current "roommate" situation...Which I usually bail from.

  • Yes, cohabitation is wrong.

    It is wrong in that it tears down the institute of marriage. It brings down the very meaning marriage stands for- commitment. It is a rather scary world where people no longer have the courage and the sense of discipline to commit to one person, but would rather go off trying out their lick knowing they can bale out at the first sight of trouble due to the absence of a formal binding.

  • A definite yes

    Cohabitation is just an excuse for people to dodge the discipline of marriage. It's tailored for a selfish generation, people who want to have things their way all the time. Not only is this immoral, but also bad for traditional families. I'm for any behavior that encourages traditional families, and not taking from traditional marriages

  • Yes Cohabitation is wrong

    No it's not a matter of personal beliefs. Many marriages have ended in divorce because they were in the same house or apartment before marriage. And it says in the bible on their wedding, day the man shall leave his parents and cling to his wife. No matter what the beliefs today are.

  • Yeah.

    The contrary arguments are weak, premarital sex is wrong and the subject implies such. Think about, be it a natural or God-given thing sex has a purpose and that purpose can not be fulfilled without commitment, marriage. Granted marriage is increasingly weakened as a commitment what with divorce however that is caused by many levels of foolishness on the part of those involved. Back to my main point it in fact shows a lack of interest to not marry, thus removing any point in living together.

  • Yes, cohabitation is wrong

    Cohabitation shows a lack of commitment. It’s similar to children playing house. People would rather live together than get married. It’s like having one foot out of the relationship door. If people had to get married in order to live together, they’d certain think twice about the person they think they are in love with.

  • Nope, nothing wrong with it.

    The Church can't guarantee that one's marriage will be faithful and life-long. Many young couples think they are ready to get married but once they do, without really 100% knowing their partner, they want a divorce. Then, one has to deal with that legal process. Cohabitation tests the relationship to see it its compatible.

  • Its not wrong

    It's a view of preference but if a couple feels comfortable with it then why should it be wrong? Just because people don't feel the need to legalize anything on paper, doesn't mean they don't love each other any less than a married couple. Marriage is a social construct in which we don't necessarily need.

  • No its not wrong

    No, its not wrong. In my opinion, cohabitation IS marriage (legal documentation and a formal wedding not included). You know when you purchase something, like pictures? And there are different package sizes with varying prices? Thats how I see the marriage/cohabitation debate. Marriage is the total package. Cohabitation is the same, the same emotional/sexual commitments and such along with everything else, just minus the legal officiality, hence what is in parentheses above.

    I'm on my second "marriage". I refer to the man I was previously with as my ex-husband, and the one I'm currently with as my husband. He has a brother, and 4 sisters, who I consider my in-laws. He has a son, who we say is my stepson. Of course, when it comes to legal documentation i have to check "single", but I really dont see the problem and why people get so bent out of shape about it. Others who think its such a big deal need to quit making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • No, there is nothing wrong with it

    No, cohabitation is not wrong. This gets back to the morality of premarital sex. Is that wrong? No. Therefore living together before marriage is not wrong. What's honestly the big deal? It helps economically, it saves space, and it makes people happy. All of those things are positive. Why would that even be questioned?

  • Cohabitation is way of life

    If we're talking about cohabitation before securing a marriage license no. Some people have civil agreements and civil marriages and not to mention spiritual beliefs which may not include securing a piece of paper before they can be considered life partners. Cohabitation is a personal choose a couple makes. There are some definite benefits to cohabiting before signing the marriage license, such as finding out what it is like to live with your love before you are married.

  • No, it's a matter of personal beliefs.

    Cohabitation is not wrong. Ultimately, morals and personal beliefs are just that-- Personal, and not the business of any outsiders. Being married doesn't mean the same thing to everybody and some people may not even have that desire. Just because they do not want to get married, either at that point or ever, doesn't mean living together and being intimate suddenly becomes wrong.

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