• I like coke way more

    Coke has more fizz and i know lots of people who like the fizz. Also coke i the very best and no one say otherwise. Sure the coke has lots of sugar but, kids like lots of sugar. Do this for the kids guys do it and respect the life.

  • Coke way better!

    Taking that first sip of a cold can of Coke is so crisp and refreshing. There is nothing like it. Pepsi tastes like its trying to replicate that, and is failing miserably. Pepsi is too sweet and it tastes flat. There is no comparison. Coke beats Pepsi by far. Their marketing is better too. Coka Cola doesn't need a ton of celebrities to endorse their product like Pepsi does. If a restaurant doesn't have Coke than I go elsewhere.

  • Coke is the best!

    Coca-Cola is much better than Pepsi because, Coke has better flavor. To me Pepsi tastes too sweet, and Coke has the right balance of sugar to cola flavor. I also like the "My Coke Rewards" because it lets me get unmistakably good deals/rewards. I have just started collecting Coke Rewards to get their sweet deals, but I have been drinking Coca-Cola for a very long time.

  • Coke is better

    Nothing against Pepsi, whatsoever, however, I just feel like if I were to sit down with my family and eat a meal I'd ask for a Coke. I hardly ever drink soda anyways, but Coke is sweeter to me than Pepsi. If I'm going to drink something terrible for me, I'd much rather have the sweeter, more likely to rot your teeth soda. And hasn't Coke been around longer?

  • Yes coke is better

    I think coke is better than Pepsi because coke is healthier and Pepsi is too sweet and tastes weird. Coke has also been around for so much longer then Pepsi but I think Sprite beats Coke and Pepsi combined and it has ten times more flavor than ever. I love Sprite.

  • Coke is great

    It's just awesome. People have better memories with coke. Even Santa likes coke and that must mean something ha ha. I hear of all these memories people have had with coke and that they would sit with their dad and drink it. It also tastes better and isn't as artificial as Pepsi

  • Sweetness of Pepsi is not delicious!

    I'm always disputing with my brother-in-law about this matter since he always preferred Pepsi over Coke! One day I bought both Coke and Pepsi and I poured a glass of each one of them and I asked him to taste them. Henceforth, he is compassionate about Coke.
    There should be no debate about this issue because Coke is way better than Pepsi undoubtedly! Whether we are talking about its taste or its brand, Coke is superior to Pepsi.

  • Pepsi is too sweet

    Not only is the sugar content of Pepsi higher (albeit by a relatively small amount) but the actual "cola" flavor is less when it comes to actually tasting it. In fairness however both Coke and Pepsi are trumped by Mexican Coke which is made with real sugar instead of HFCS and carries with it a significant amount more "cola" flavor.

  • Taste

    Taste alone it is simply better. It has a distinct flavor about it I can't quite describe. I don't think I will ever drink Pepsi when I have the opportunity to drink Coke unless it is a blind taste test to prove it is better. Coke is in almost every fast food chain in America (except Taco Bell).

  • Yes, coke is a classic.

    Coke provides a more refreshing bite than Pepsi. They are both similar, but the cloying sweetness of Pepsi grows old quickly. Thus, while I may prefer a taste of Pepsi, I would rather drink a can of Coke. This is the difference between a taste and a drink. Therefore, I choose Coke over Pepsi.

  • Pepsi is way better

    The fact that Coke is original doesn't make it better. Pepsi did an experiment where people were blindfolded and tasted Coke and Pepsi, and 93% of the people said that Pepsi is better. Also, Coke's red color symbolizes safety, but Pepsi's blue symbolizes refreshment and coolness. Since a drink is supposed to be cool and refreshing, Pepsi would be better.

  • I disagree sorry

    I disagree with any of those drink, none of them is good for us anyways. The best choice to suggest is, WATER! It is way more healthy with no health issues in future life. Both of them will get you in wrong health issues. It is worthless to fight over the brands. UGGGGH

  • Pepsi is better

    I think Peppsi is better then coca cola because researchers say that coca cola is not really the best for people because it does something in your insides. But personally I think peppsi tastes better than coca cola ,mostly because of the sugar content or just flavor wise thank u for reading.

  • Pepsi is way better.

    I feel that Coke has a syrupy taste. Pepsi on the other hand has a lot of caffeine but has a caffeine free version. Neither one is better for you health. If I go out to a restaurant I always ask for Pepsi ( or Mt. Dew) if they say they don't have it I would go with sweet tea or water. Plus most restaurants have Pepsi products. If you ever ask me I would definitely choice Pepsi.

  • Pepsi better!! YUP!

    Its sweeter. Taste better and just goe's down better. Coke is good dont get me wrong. When I come in from a hot sunny day I want a nice Ice cold coke out of a glass bott. If I just were to drink a soda I rather have a pepsi.

  • Coke is gross

    Coke tastes like its mostly carbonated water and just a small amount of cola syrup. Like a 9-1 ratio. With pepsi its a perfect balance of both, you're not overwhelmed by the fizz of the carbonation that you can't taste the delicious cola flavor. That's the problem with coke. PEPSI ALL THE WAY. My mom likes coke better tho so she usually buys that unless I'm there to say to get Pepsi. #thestruggle

  • The taste is great

    Coke tastes sour and bad after taste, Pepsi is really sweet and and really good when cold.
    Sure Coke is more reconizable, but it just doesent catch my interest, sure Diet Coke is good, but Pepsi is unbelievabley good, its almost addictive O_o but i guess that just my opinion

  • Pepsi has longer life

    1.5 ltire bottles of Coke are undrinkable once opened. Pepsi still tastes good the next day. Have been an avid Coke drinker for 10+ years, but since changing to Pepsi would nexter go back. Pepsi Max also is far better tasting than Cokes sugarfree variants.
    Pepsi is a better cola flavour also

  • Coke is Gross!

    Never understood why people would drink coke it always tasted gross to me. Pepsi is much lighter in taste and way more enjoyable.
    Coke has an awful after taste, and is settles very heavy and aggressively in the stomach. Coke is better used as a cleaning product or to break down waste at your local landfill.

    Yay Pepsi! For the record I do not regularly consume pop/soda, I did when I was young consume quite a bit of sugary and salty treats.

  • Coca cola is over rated

    Coca cola keeps changing their recipes. Pepsi has been rather consistent in flavor. Fruity and cola tinted for a nice touch. The variants are superior to the coca strains too. Plus pepsi just sits better going down than crude coke. Along with the fact pepsi has no problem using real sugar again. Unlike coke.

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