• Two heads are better than one

    Should be yes. Most of the time, collectivism is better than individualism. As different people have different strengths and point of view. Therefore, more people share their ideas that must concern more dimensions and aspects. Two people working together have a better chance of solving a problem than one person working alone.

  • I agree collectivism is better

    Collectivism first of all allows for more jobs, a better consensus of what is needed in society. After all we do live in a society or else go and live in the wild and grow your own food is you want individualism!! The more individualist the world is the colder it gets.

  • Yes

    It is better to have a consensus of what is better than just one persons opinion. This is even more true if it will affect more people than the one that is making the decision. A lot of times the more people that give ideas than the better chance of it being a good idea.

  • Collectivism is better than individualism.

    It makes sense that the welfare of a large group should be more important than any individual member. Collectivist societies are generally stronger than ones that value individuality. Teams can work better and do more than any one person. Although a person's individuality is still important, the interests of a group are usually more important.

  • Collectivism is better

    Collectivism keeps people from getting lonely and isolated. It's not material things but human relationships which drives collectivist countries. People take care after each other much more than in individualist countries and therefore, depression, feelings of loneliness as well as burn out or being too stressed out doesn't occur as much in collectivist countries as in individualist countries.

  • Collectivism vs. Individualism

    Collectivism, which emphasizes group success has lots of advantages. If a group successes, better product will be produced, and brings to better outcome. If people just act individually, they will probably make the wrong dicission, or miss something. However, if we cooperate, the process of supporting and helping others will lead you to success.

  • Individualism is survival of the fittest. We are no longer savages and should become civilized.

    Individualism is survival of the fittest. We are no longer savages and should become civilized, which includes helping all people reach prosperity, not just the few lucky ones with the inherited genes or wealth for success in capitalism. With Automation set to eliminate jobs, there will be no other option than Collectivism. To deny, or fight it is savagery and stupidity.

  • Individualism is survival of the fittest. We are no longer savages and should become civilized.

    Individualism is survival of the fittest. We are no longer savages and should become civilized, which includes helping all people reach prosperity, not just the few lucky ones with the inherited genes or wealth for success in capitalism. With Automation set to eliminate jobs, there will be no other option than Collectivism. To deny, or fight it is savagery and stupidity.

  • It benefits the whole

    Collectivism works to benefit the entire group, where as individualism is a selfish idea, where one seeks to improve themselves without thinking about others. In the end, Collectivism helps the individual, as everyone is working to help everyone, not just a few selfish individuals pushing themselves ahead of everyone else.

  • It is a cycle

    We are approaching a radical individualist society with too much difference of opinion and conflict. Individualism in ideal is a good thing but humans have always exploited it. Their egos they have surpass their abilities and they have a very Xenophobic, judgmental and biased point of view of other humans of different castes, religions and races. Poverty, Corruption and Wars are all a result of radical individualism and that this why it's time for the great rebirth. It is time to build a collectivist society again.

  • No Collectivism isn't better than Individualism

    Collectivism and individualism are just two different approaches to culture and society; one is not better than the other. Collectivism has its advantages, but individualism does, too. Personal freedom is certainly something to be appreciated and enjoyed. There's less shame and judgment in individualism, and more ability to feel free. Collectivism may take better care of society, though. They both have their benefits and detractions.

  • Collectivism is immoral

    Collectivism violates human rights. Violation of human rights is immoral and sinful. Therefore, collectivism is immoral and sinful. Those who support collectivism shall be eternally damned to hell because they wish to violate the rights of perfectly law abiding individuals. Individuals are people and humans and collectivism takes away someone’s humanity.

  • Collectivism kills creativity, you bigots!!

    Collectivism hinders creativity, which is important to what makes us human. By living in a collectivist society, we practically destroy who we truelly are. Humans are born with unique personalities and ideas, so whoever supports collectivism and saying it makes us civilized is a Nazi and lacks humanity in themselves. Different ideas are what keep us moving forward in this ever changing world. So treasure your individuality and embrace your uniqueness. Do not listen to these evil sociopaths who say that collectivism is civilization, that’s just not true.

  • Collectivism kills creativity, you bigots!

    Creativity is important to what makes us human. Anyone who says collectivism is more civilized obviously supports violation of human rights and forces different people to conform. Humans each have their own unique ideas and personality. This is what keeps us going in this ever changing world. Forcing people to conform is like racism, so embrace your individuality people. Treasure it. Do not let these Conformist Nazis get to you!

  • Collectivism usually swim with other fish

    Meaning they do what ever other people are doing, when practiced too often, people become reliant&conform too often on other people's opinions especially if majority of the group could be wrong.
    Also, a lot of collectivists are too hesitant to act on most situations without the approval of another person, or without seeing someone else do it first.

  • Collectivism is inherently evil

    Collectivism nullifies the rights of an individual for the sake of the collective. Individualism prefers to judge each person based on their actions, behavior, and contribution. Individualism does NOT bar teamwork, specialization, or compassion. It simply demands that an individual be the primarysingle entity to be respected over the collective.

    Racism (judging a person based on the arbitrarily chosen group they belong to instead of their individual actions) is a perfect example of collectivist mindset.

    Collectivism is evil and should not be tolerated.

  • Collectivism is communism.

    Communism is evil. Everyone in the world is entitled to life, liberty, and property. Collectivism takes the significance out of every individual. An individualistic system like capitalism allows individuals to pursue their own happiness. When people pursue profit, they help others by creating jobs and by inventing new things. Capitalism is individualism, but when it is practiced, it helps other people.

  • Collectivism degrades responsibility with the individual.

    When a society disregards its responsibilities, it begins to rot. A group is made up of individuals, and a healthy group is made up of individuals that push each other to improve. Being altruistic is a virtue, but depending and expecting such things not only devalues the act but puts a massive strain on those individuals. When they break, the rest of society falls. Ironically, an individualist society is one that resembles the collectivist ideal.

  • Collectivism leads to group-think and conformity.

    Ultimately both harm society as group think makes people dumb husks and conformity leads to loss of individuality. While collectivism and Individualism are both needed in a society and our lives Individualism is much better. But group-think is bad because:

    "Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis (1972), occurs when a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment” (p. 9). Groups affected by groupthink ignore alternatives and tend to take irrational actions that dehumanize other groups. A group is especially vulnerable to groupthink when its members are similar in background, when the group is insulated from outside opinions, and when there are no clear rules for decision making."

    While certainly collectivism can be helpful it is most certainly usually detrimental to society, and used frequently in communism and Fascism, as everything is done for the state rather than people themselves.

  • Collectivism makes people into idiots

    Imagine hundreds of millions of people all concerned about everyone but themselves.
    How do they know what everybody needs?
    They don't. And this is why they will be running around like headless chicken not knowing what to do and for whom to do it.

    You have 4 eggs from a chicken you take care of. Where do you put them? You can't divide them up into millions. You can give it to the government, who then redistributes it. But then you need money. How does the government knows how many eggs do people need every day? How does it know when to stop collecting too many eggs, and when to produce more eggs?

    The thing is, that's too much work, even for a dictatorship. And when people get more than they need of one thing, and not what they need of the other thing, they are the ones who get the short end of the stick. It is not the government. They will happily rule away in their mansions at the expense of everybody else, all the while patting themselves on the back thinking "we're doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people".

    And this was a charitable argument. Who wants to give their eggs up when they need it? Nobody. So they go to the gulags instead
    That is collectivism

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