• Collage is way too expensive

    Collage is very expensive because it is $15,000 or more every year. Our Parents pay for food each week to keep us from going hungry each night and they have to spend money for the food. Then, our parents have to pay for taxes and don't even get me started in that. So yes, collages are way too expensive.

  • Yes it is

    People spend thousands of dollars to get a job they might not even get, so whats the point of paying? Its like getting your kid something that cost a lot of money, but they don't use it. You're paying to get a job you most likely wont even get. Whats the point?

  • Way Too High

    College is too expensive, i cant afford it and wont be able to go. My grades are pretty high but wanting to go too UCONN has higher prices. It is unfair that some of us have don't have enough to go to a good college. Not everyone can get a good scholarship

  • Education is a fundamental necessity

    There is no institution more important than education, as it it is the foundation on which all other elements of modern society are built upon. Because of this fact, any debt acquired whilst in college is an immorality that must be abolished. Something so instrumental to a country's success should not have a price tag.

  • I think they are way to expensive

    They are way to expensive because people worry about college so much it becomes a family issue where to find money for college without going poor even some family members say we need to find money for college this is way to expensive we could go poor of this bye

  • Education is NOT a privilege!

    Those who say education is a privilege are the 1% who are born with life handed on a silver plate. The rest of us who are born in upper middle class to the poor can't afford college. This is why the United States will collapse. When I got into schools I was so excited, but to learn I couldn't afford them was the final straw. It sparked a new flame in me. I will do whatever it takes to help destroy America, it will be for the good of all. America is a cancer on the world where only the elite thrive and everyone else is left to die no matter how hard they work. I have now dedicated my life to make sure this country ceases to exist.

  • Hell yeah. That ain't cheep.

    People put their families in debt and start saving from birth to pay for higher education. Most families just don't have that money. Very good and smart kids are having their dreams of having a good education crushed because their parents can't afford it. And there is financial aid, but it's not enough to pay for education which is a human right.

  • Everyone deserves higher education.

    Everyone deserves to be well educated. Everyone deserves a chance to succeed in the profession of their choice. In the United States, all colleges are overpriced. Even with the help of financial aid, many people cannot afford the steep prices. My family could not afford the prices of even the cheapest colleges in the U.S. I went to a very good university abroad for a fraction of the price. Everyone deserves the same right to education and everyone deserves to succeed.

  • Yes, they are.

    Do colleges even know that there are poor and average people in this world who have every right to higher education? It is so expensive that students have to go for the least competitive, affordable colleges though their talent does not deserve those type of colleges. The cost of colleges have risen insane in the past decade or so. If this hike goes on, how many students are going to afford such expensive education when, adding insult to injury, the world is facing recession?

  • Yes, far too high

    Yet another example of government intervention that has drove up the price substantially through student loan money and a debt that stands at $1 trillion. And you can't ignore David Horowitz's observation, ""Eighty percent of the school budget is salaries. You make between $60,000 and $100,000 a year. You teach on average two courses and spend six hours a week in class. You work eight months out of the year and have four months paid vacation. And every seven years you get ten months paid vacation. If you are really as concerned about the working class as you pretend, why don't you volunteer to teach four courses and twelve hours a week and lower the tuition costs for these kids?"

  • Not private colleges.

    There is a misconception in the United States. This conception is that education is somehow owed to us. Education is not a right, but rather a privilege. Not the type of privilege that is exclusively for the rich. Privilege does not mean exclusive, simply means you must prove your self responsible enough for college. College have the entitlement to charge whatever they want. State college is not my expertise. In the private realm, however, the expense of college is rarely pointless. Universities are expensive, especially in the private realm. Also, if one is exceptionally academic, then they will get adequate financial aid. If there needs to be any reform it is in the job sphere. Jobs need to be created and accessible for high school students and young adults in general. There is no reason for adolescents to be withheld from working. People do not learn responsibility at a certain age, they learn it from experience. I believe that College should be "higher" education for the exceptional. If it is expensive unjustly take it up with the individual, but I would conclude that most Universities are not ripping off students but are fully benefiting from every penny.

  • Financial aid is available

    The price of college is high, but this is to get the most income out of international students. If the rich internationals can afford expensive college, then why not raise the price? Poor-middle class Americans will get adequate financial aid from most private colleges. I'm pretty sure at Princeton anyone with income less than 60k goes free; people with less than 125k go for only 10 grand per year. Still too expensive? Go to community college for 2 years, then transfer. In my state, NJ, and many other states, there is a law stating that community college credits MUST transfer to public colleges; so I can go to community college for 2 years , then Rutgers for 2 years and graduate with any degree I want. Still too expensive? WORK HARD and Do well in high school and get a scholarship/merit aid; the university of Alabama gives full rides to anyone with over a 26 on the ACT. If a student applies to a school where his SAT and grades are above the school's profile, he will most likely get a big scholarship. With my grades and the score I got on my SAT, I can potentially pull a half ride, maybe a full ride at my state's flagship university. I worked hard for that, but it was worth it. In addition, many private colleges are relatively cheap; only a select few are in the 50-60k range.
    So in conclusion, although the sticker price may be high, there are many opportunities to cut the costs down. You just have to find them!

  • There are cheaper universities

    While I do agree college is quite expensive, there are other alternatives and financial aid. There are cheaper campuses, that while they may not have the reputation of a Harvard university for example, you are still getting your education and bettering yourself for a much cheaper rate then some other colleges.

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