Is committing suicide ever really justified?

Asked by: asdf0106
  • I know for sure that you didn't suffer anything if you vote no

    Two years ago i suffered bullying. A heavy bullying, every day, all the time.
    That was so heavy on me that I got depressed. For three times I thought of killing myself because in my vision death was a solution for my problem.
    I'm not making up some story, this is true, I was going to kill myself if it wasn't by 2 true friends that I had.

  • If you try to save someone else's life

    There is altruistic suicide. A soldier shields his fellow comrades from a bomb by covering it with his body and it explodes, killing him but everyone else is spared. Does that sound morally wrong? Suicide is an act that has to be judged contextually; the circumstances and motive of the person.

  • You live. You die.

    It is your life and it is completely up to you what you choose to do with your life. You can choose what you want to do, who to interact with and for whatever reasons you may have. You also have the right and choice to end your own life for whatever reason. Your condition or situation is irrelevant. If you think you would be better off deceased and there is no way out, then it is completely justified to commit suicide by your own standards. Since it is your life at hand, your standards are the only ones that matter.

  • It is your choice not others

    If you want to go ahead. I won't stop you. I think it would be quite interesting dying .I am not afraid of it. If someone wants to then they should be able to as it is their life and they can do what they want with it. No one should condemn it

  • Not in all cases

    I vote yes, cuz i belive i desirve to die. I dont know what i like. Im not very smart. Lost the love my life. Was heavy addicted to marijuanna. I know what your thinking its only weed well i tryed a bunch of other drugs too in combo with alcohal. I have no job. Im constantally depressed severly. The only thing i have keeping me alive is smokin cigs, and playing the lottery which i have a 99.9999% chance of losing but i wanna give my dreams a chance. I feel like once the little i have left os gone i should go too. I say anyone who thought about it along time. Dont have kids or sometype of real responsibity and truly belives there no other way should be aloud to get given the peaceful painless way to end it. Otherwise the tirn to guns, knives, bridges, drug overdoes'S. I say let em have a banger ass party with all.The drugs and hookers or whatever they want for one last day of free ultimate joy fun, legally allowed. Let em say bye to everyone they want so they get the chance to properly and maybe change there mind. Then let them go in peace . Die with a smile. Thats my some will say fucked up philosophy

  • It is justified.

    For everyone who is talking about how to amount of bullying should cause you to commit suicide, you are ignorant. Bullying isn't the only thing that causes someone to try to kill themselves. There is this thing called depression. Ever heard of it? Well, it's something that can't always be fixed, no matter how much anti-depressants you take. Sometimes, a person can be in so much pain that it turns physical and they simply can not withstand it, especially if it has been going on for a while. Everyone has their breaking point.

  • It is justified

    If the person is mentally very depressed (clinical depression) for a very long time. If some one dose not understand life or find it too difficult and is not able to learn life skills and neither his/her state is improving death/euthanasia should be allowed . So that the further sufferings could be reduced.

  • Terminal illness says yes.

    If you have a terminal illness and are in pain, there already is one good reason to commit suicide. In fact you can commit suicide when ever you want in my opinion. Its your life and if we respect freedom then a person should be allowed to do what they want. The only time I have a problem with depression is when the person is clinically depressed (for example) and is not rational when making the choice.

  • Only if you are going to die soon, or will be saving others.

    Committing suicide because of depression, low self-esteem, bullying, etc is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. A solution could have been found without causing senseless heartache and devastation. Suicide for these reasons is never justifiable, in my mind. If someone had Alzheimer's, advanced cancer, or some other terminal disease,it's okay because they will be dying anyways, but this route will save themselves and their families countless hours of pain and suffering. Sacrificing yourself to save others is also justifiable for obvious reasons.

  • BUT NOT for depression, for terminal illness or irreversible coma or dementia

    Depression does not justify suicide. Even if you are not happy life can have meaning. But if you are slowly dying of a terminal illness there's no point in the suffering. If you are in an irreversible coma again no point. If you are suffering from dementia then you can no longer meaningfully interact with the environment. Then your life is not really yours anymore it is controlled by the dementia, so there's no point and a person should be allowed to order euthanasia through a living will.

  • As much as I hate that anyone could feel so terrible as to take their own life,

    Whatever reasons a person has for killing themselves has got to be pretty darn serious. I might just be a really uneducated person on the topic, but surely you've got to have absolutely no one in the world to actually feel so worthless. I mean, if even only your mother is understanding to your pain and suffering, surely you couldn't be so selfish as to kill yourself. As harsh as it is to call someone who wants to take their life selfish, it is in a way rather true. To leave them couple of people who loved you so much that they ignored the bullies or the comments or whatever the case was, and stood by you has got to be something you think about. Also, why leave a note where you say sorry, I love you. It's just leaving immense pain for everyone else to feel.
    Although a lot of the suicide stories you hear are genuinely heartbreaking, some of them make you wonder how people really don't have very thick skin do they? They could very well be self conscious and worried about how they look, but somehow they should ignore far more and not let it get to them. Whatever form of bullying it is, it always starts off similarly and you should always do the same things in order to stop it earlier. So in an almost ironic way they may have let this happen to themselves, it really can be prevented. I did not imply any of this to upset anyone or to be disrespectful to those who committed suicide. All death is tragic and sad and I hope all the passed will rest in peace.

  • Suicide is never justified.

    I understand you might be severely bullied.

    I understand you might be a soldier who jumps on a grenade to save his comrades.

    I understand you might have depression.

    However, no matter the case, suicide is immoral and unjustifiable. You should value your own life over any other, and over anything else.

  • Beyond the moral issue:

    No. This isn't a question of whether suicide is good or bad, or even right or wrong, but instead of reasoning; there is no sound or valid reasoning behind suicidal behavior upto and including martyrdom. All of the logic and reasoning behind it tends to be driven either by emotion of cultural norms and therefore have no value in standard discourse. It may sound robotic but it is true.

  • It's an irrational decision

    Ok, in my opinion, death is the worse possible thing that could happen to someone. In cases of depression or being bullied, you are not thinking the right way. I've been bullied and depressed, but when I weighed the benefits of killing myself and living on, the benefits of living outweighed the benefits of death by a long, long margin. You, in all honesty have no idea what is after death. It could be a better place or an awful place. I would rather be in an ok place then take that leap of faith.

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Shadow-Dragon says2014-09-11T01:40:29.057
Suicide is a cowards way out, and is never the answer. Rather than considering that if one is bullied, how about solve the problem? Don't think I'm not aware of this situation, because I've faced it too. But it's called dealing with it, not over-reacting.