• Not very necessary

    Communism... Ugh. It's taken much too long for people to understand that it just does not work. For those of you who don't know, communism is when the government gives everyone the same amount of money, no matter how hard they work, no matter who they are. If you knew that you would get just as much money as anyone else, no matter what you did, you wouldn't work as hard-- or even work at all. With no one working, the economy would fall... Communism? Not my cup of tea.

  • Communism is horrific for many reasons.

    Realistically, putting aside the practice of Communism in the real world, on paper, Communism actually isn't that bad and in fact it sounds good. However as history and the modern world has shown, Communism is possibly one of the worst political systems ever devised, arguably worse than Fascism. Communism in the USSR, China, North Korea, Southeast Asia, Cuba, and other parts of the world has led to more deaths than both world wars and every war the United States has ever fought combined. It is estimated that under Stalin, roughly 50-60 million people (so many people that mass graves are still being located in Eastern Ukraine and Siberia today) were killed by the Communist regime. Thousands more were locked up in gulags and concentration camps (for the practice of forced labor and starvation, the Communists are just as guilty as the Nazis). Thousands of Cubans and Vietnamese fled their nations in fear of the rise of Communism during the Cold War and many Cubans continue to flee Cuba still to this day. Mao Zedong, the Communist dictator of China from 1949- approx. 1975 is believed to have murdered upwards of 70-80 million people. Communism uses the guise of equality to hide its aspects of oppression and tyranny.

  • Has Never, Is Never, Will Never.

    The idea of Communism is beautiful indeed, and Karl Marx was the lucid sign of a genius, perhaps the greatest light of the 19th century. The letters concealed within his most revered literary work, "The Communist Manifesto," forever changed the course of mankind. But do not be fooled into believing that Communism goes any more far than just a beautiful idea; for we now know, through past events and the lesson of history that it is impossible for Communism to function.

    I say this, not because I am a pessimist, but because in the simpler past, where men were not exposed to phones, televisions, or cars, Communism failed. Who know, among us, will give up their phones? Will give up their cars? Will give up their own homes so that the lower class may enjoy the reaps of your (supposed) hard labor? If that is you, do not hesitate to comment "aye."

    Still, I scarce believe I will find such foolish comment of "aye." Communism is the idea that states, or for better, obliges you to state: "I will give up all I have for the betterment of one who never worked or in any other way attempted to superb himself." And so, because too little to none will say this, Communism has no pillar in which to lay its ton.

    Who will break their spines, who among you, to pillar and bear the weight of all who are truly lazy? Who among you will do so, comment "aye." And even then, I shall not find such foolish comment of "aye." Why? Because even after we all (supposedly) agree to such fallacy, which of course, shall never happen, there still lies the basic concept of utter anarchy.

    In order to be a true Communism, a Communism that is true to the ideas of the brilliant Marx, and Marxist Communism, then the government must not rule over the citizen. Why? Because in this situation, the politicians in the government will all have more land, more wealth, and more social influence than the common citizen.

    Who among you will accept and utter anarchy? Then, comment "aye."

  • I think it's a good concept, just what goes into it is bad.

    The totalitarian aspect is enough to drive me away. It's insane. Equality is good, but TOO much is just wrong! We need that drive to get us forward in life. Remember Animal Farm? We learned a good lesson from that. Leaders can easily take advantage of us. Imagine your next door neighbor getting the same pay bagging groceries while you're a mathematical astronomer. NOBODY will have the drive to do anything important for our society such as electrical engineering when they can work at a grocery market. See what I'm getting at about too much equality?

  • Not going to work

    Idea, in itself, is very good. Equality!
    Although I promote equality, I do not promote complete equality of outcome. Although we must promote good social security, medicare, and medicate, education for all people, we must never think about everyone having exactly the same wealth because we need motivation to work.

    I am a democratic socialist, and I think communism is impossible and bad for the society.

    Oh, it may be possible in a distant future when we achieve full automation. That does not mean it is good for us because we will become extremely lazy thus decline technological advancement

  • I really need help

    I need help understanding what communism really is and if its bad or good......Would it work to have the whole world be united under one communist government? How does it all work out for equality and stuff like that? Personally we need to eliminate every government and create a whole new worldwide government

  • We dont know.

    Communism as never actually been tried out as very few nations have even attempted to create it. While certain fascist nations have called themselves communist anybody who has studied their regimes and hase even a basic understanding of communist theory will immedeatly recognize that they were not even trying to be communist. That being said I do not believe that conversion from a market economy to a communist society would be very good. Perhaps in the distant future when the technology exists and the sulture is right communism might actually be effective.

  • It's not supposed to bad but...

    Communism is the ideology that the government will dissolve and people will all live equally. This actually isn't a bad idea, but certain people have taken it and twisted it into something bad. This twisting of something that was supposed to be good, has resulted from greed from certain dictators and therefore appears bad to the public

  • No, it's about equality.

    Communism is a philosophy and ideology based on equality. There is no communist government, you're referring to socialism. Socialism is the stage that precedes communism, wherein the state socializes and nationalizes all means of production and redistributes capital equally. From each according to his ability to each according to his need.
    Communism is the stage where all of humanity unites into one entity, a collective wherein all individuals are subject to the interest of the collective (logical, seeing as they're part of it). In communism, all capital, all means of production are collective and shared.

  • "Bad" Doesn't Even Come Close

    Communism is terribad. It's so bad that bad doesn't cut it. If all you have to call communism is bad, then you don't know what bad is. If you call communism bad, communism laughs in your face. Communism makes bad look good, so good forgives bad for a little while just to work together against communism.

  • Communism works in small groups

    Communism is the pooling of resources amoung a group of two or more people and using the resources as needed. This works great between 2 highly commited people and is the economic structure of most successful marriages. The more people included, the less likely it is to work well. It can work for small communities like a kibbutz. The bigger the group the less likely it will work and the more likely it will be corrupt. It is has historically been a terrible structure for a country.

  • Communism works in small groups

    Communism is the pooling of resources amoung a group of two or more people and using the resources as needed. This works great between 2 highly commited people and is the economic structure of most successful marriages. The more people included, the less likely it is to work well. It can work for small communities like a kibbutz. The bigger the group the less likely it will work and the more likely it will be corrupt. It is has historically been a terrible structure for a country.

  • It's not so much "bad" as it is "historically ineffective"

    The thought that all humans should live in total equality is a nice thought, and I'd really like to see that sort of thing happen. The problem is, that in the past, it's failed badly, and has picked up a negative reputation, mainly because of authoritarian dictators of the likes of Stalin and Mao. Anarchistic communism would be a lot more effective than authoritarian communism, because, without one leader having all the power, the people decide the laws (sort of like ancient Greek democracy). In this scenario, all people would have a fair chance at life, as opposed to having the decisions made for them by an absolute DICKtator. Theoretically, it could work, but the people would need to bring it upon themselves, not the government bringing it down upon them.

  • Communism is equalized suffering

    Without rewards or incentives, production and consumption is un-coordinated. This lack of coordination requires a central planner to determine production and another central planner to control consumption. These central planners can only maintain control at the tip of a bayonet, thus an orderly society that shares the suffering equally, except for those that make decisions. An ideal society, or maybe not.

  • It's not bad, it just hasn't worked yet.

    Communism isn't bad, theoretically. Karl Marx and any others intended to create an economic system that would be equal for all. It would eliminate classes, and everyone would be happy. It had huge government, but a lot of people think large government is better, and Karl Marx was probably one of those people. When you think about it, that sounds a lot more fair and WAY better than capitalism, and even arguably pure socialism (let's not forget, though, that communism is kind of extreme socialism).

    Here's the problem: communism doesn't work. As we've seen in history - the Cold War, mainly - communism has always failed. In a way, communism is "too good to be true". A communist economy would not work in a capitalist-economy dominated world. Furthermore, communism has always been rigged. Yeah, capitalism (and even socialism... Maybe?) can easily be rigged too (just look at the current crisis we're having in the U.S. right now!), but communism can literally be used to create a brutal dictatorship and take control of everyone. Without using communism properly, it can lead to poverty rather than prosperity. Without democratic communism, it's going to be oppressive and pretty awful. Is democratic communism possible? Probably, it's just never happened.

    So how have countries like China, Cuba, North Korea, and others survived? For one, a few of the "remaining communist countries" aren't really pure communist anymore. China, for example, is considered "socialist with Chinese characteristics". They might claim to be communist, but they truly aren't. In NK's case, their entire country is in poverty (as far as we know), so clearly it hasn't worked for them. Cuba? I don't know much about it, but I imagine it's not purely communist anymore either. Although I don't think any communist states have this much luck, another factor could be (natural) resources within the country; it could just go isolationist.

    I like communism - the theory, but if I want to be realistic about it, I'd say apply democratic/market socialism to a controlled capitalist economy. Look at Europe and Scandinavia, they are doing it very well and it's making them pretty happy!

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