• The country would be at peace!

    I get it, a lot of you think no its a dumb idea but this is a great idea everyone being equal, what did your teachers teach you in kindergarten when you thought you were better than the rest?! We are all equal! Take north Korea for example king Jung un thinks he is better than everyone else he has taken over north Korea and brained washed them to praise him. Sick. No cellphones, poor health, and almost no one walks on the streets! With a communist county we will be equal. Just think how great that would be! Canada is known for how nice it is... Its a communist country!!! Duhhhh

  • Yes, indeed it is.

    Communism (at least how I see it) fights corruption, apathetic behavior, and encourages work ethic to increase. I know that Communism has failed in the past several times, but I still believe it to be the best government for a Society. Now people, Vote now! I want to hear your opinions!

  • Yay I love Stalin

    I believe Stalin's ideas of communism revolutionized the barbaric state in which the USSR was before 1929. If the theory worked in today's society and was as effective as it was 80 years ago, the people could rise as one and our country would reach all new heights with COMMUNISM.

  • Communism helps fight poverty

    By redistributing money to everyone, taking social classes out of the picture. One the main things that is wrong with communism is that the government controls everything, but that is only an issue with corrupt officials that don't care about their citizens or corrupt warmongers that are all for the war effort. Communism is supposed to be about the people not the government or the profits unlike capitalism.

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  • Yay for communism

    When somebody has peanut butter, it would also be my peanut butter because everybody is equal meaning if someone has peanut butter, EVERYONE has peanut butter. I may have a peanut butter fetish but it just feels good in your mouth. It also feels good on your left thigh. So YAY COMMUNISM

  • Why is it bad ?

    Other than what countries have done with it, what is bad with the ideology ?

    But u have to have trust in the people that they won't take advantage of this system and become lazy.

    It's basically we all have to work together to create equality. It's sad that some countries just don't care about their lower classes.
    Capitalism is basically survival of the fittest and if you don't make it well then to bad. That's bad but it's even worse considering that some people are just born with lower chances of success for etc if your parents can't afford healthcare or university. The American dream might have once been but is no longer. People don't have the opportunity to be successful (of course it could happen but is unlikely).

    Ok this is just a side thought. What if there was a parallel universe workers union, instead of making sure they get paid and are treated nicely, to make sure the productivity and quality of the product is good.

  • If communism is done correctly it would be much closer to a perfect world.

    In communism everyone gets exactly the same, so you wouldn't need money in the first place. Which is amazing because money rules our lives, literally, if you have no money, there is a good chance you will just die. However in this society there would be no products for pleasure because then everyone would need that same product, which wouldn't work because only some people would enjoy it. So what would make the system work perfectly is everyone getting the same amount of credits or currency per week or so then they would be able to buy the objects that they don't need but simply want for pleasure. Food and shelter and other things that are need for survival should be given to everyone for free. Where in capitalism or other economies your objects that are needed depend on how much money you have. The government would need to keep up the work ethic of everyone however so if someone doesn't go to work, a cop comes to take them to work, and if they are sick have a doctor come to check them, if they are fine they go to work.
    If you find any flaws or things missing from my ideas please tell me!

  • It CAN be done right

    If Communism in its pure form was ever practiced, every country in this day and age would be practicing it. It has the potential to completely eradicate any racial, monetary, and social problem we've experienced. It is true that most countries that have established a communist state have eventually turned socialist or into an all out dictatorship, but that doesn't mean that communism should be viewed as such. One day it will be properly established and spread throughout our world, and we will be at peace.

  • I live in the China.

    Communism is the good because Mao Ze DOng is LEGENDARY. DENG XIAO PING WAS ALSO GREAT. I live in the china so dont say anything bad. Nah im joking. Communism is could be achieved with a modern day society, but thirty odd years ago the intelligence agencies did not have the technology to actually monitor the leader's actions. The country should still be democratic though.

  • Its just bad

    My great grandmother was an activist in India and fought for the justice of India. Although some may state that communism is good it is authoritatively bad. The British people killed many innocent people and civilians to get work done (roads schools etc). Although standing up against can lead to consequences as my great grandmother was thrown into jail.

  • There is no point to work

    If I do well in school, go to uni, and get a good job, I will earn exactly the same as some random farmer (I know the world needs them) with no qualifications at all. It stunts innovation. True communism would be good but no progress would be made and there will always be greedy people so true communism is impossible.

  • Quite the Opposite

    Communism is an amoral awful practice that corrodes societies and goes against human nature. Communism has never been accepted by any society willingly it has always come through bloody war and destruction. The Bolsheviks in Russia were few in number (around 20,000) and only came to power because of the illegitimacy of the Tzar. All over the world Communism has merely spread through violence and destruction. In the words of Ronald Reagan a strong anti Communist "Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root" He was speaking about Communist Russia

  • Demotivating for hard workers

    Let's say you're a doctor who works 14 hours a day and spent a long time to get your education. How would you feel if a person who hasn't studied, been lazy, doesn't work as much as you do... But gets paid the same amount as you? It's unfair. You the doctor would end up being demotivated and working a more basic job which doesn't require as much effort as being a doctor, like a cleaner or something. This would lead to less doctors and therefore worse health care.

  • Doesn't reflect reality.

    Centrally planned economies don't work. Ultimately they create what Adam Smith called a 'stationary state,' in which all innovation and advancement in society ceases. Because people naturally want to aspire to do better, the only way for the state to maintain this unnatural order is by force. Hence communism leads to totalitarianism.

  • I don't think so

    Communism, as well as everything else, is boring. Everyone gets exactly the same treatment and It is often said if we were all the same, life would be boring. Communism is also bad for the economy and on the individuals health. And although it claims to be fair, communism means everyone gets paid the same no matter how hard they work

  • Communism is not good for society!

    Communism might represent order, communism has gone down since the 50's because of this. Look at how North Korea turned out as listed as the most dangerous country on earth. Look at how successful the United States is, because of freedom! If you want communism please consider this, if communism is so great how come North Korea ties for first place for poverty?

  • It depends on the people

    The idea of communism might seem nice, but really it would encourage people not to be as productive, it also mostly depends on which country. Like half of the worlds everything comes from China, so naturally distribution of money there would make sense, but in other places, like the us, communism would throw the country into chaos. Plus some people would just insist on a choice for everything, once again like the us, so a republic or democracy would better fit, or even a monarchy, where you could still elect a prime minister. It just depends on the people.

  • True communism will never happen

    Throughout history, communism has never worked,so why should it start now? True communism sounds great, but humans are corrupt, and a perfect system will never stay for long. Just look at North korea. Is that true communism? NO it is not. It started out as one, but now it is a horrifyng dictatorship. Is that what you what for this world?

  • No, its not that easy.

    I have seen that some of the comments say that it stops corruption. Well lets look at Russia they're communist and they spent more on the winter Olympics than all the other ones combined over 50 billion dollars!!!! And if that's not corruption then i don't know what is I will admit that communism has a good side to it also but i think its giving people the power to be greedy

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