Is Communism good or bad? Should we try it?

Asked by: Tbenoit
  • How is it not good?

    People have lived in communist societies before Marx. He didn't invent it. Early Christians were communist. Communism doesn't work for some countries because of corruption. If we actually had people who cared about the multitudes, communism would be great. So, people who don't like communism simply hate the corrupt communism.

  • Not good in practice

    If the question was simply is communism good, i would say yes, the idea of Communism is excellent. It is when it is attempted by society that it turns sour. Communism puts too much faith in its people to willingly share what they have, and to put their fellow man before themselves. I believe even Marx stated that the only way communism would be effective were if a dictator were to reign over a country for 1000 years.

  • It actually is a good idea.

    Communism is the best economic/political system. For it to work people need to trust and love one another. The work of The Soviet Union, China, and every other communist country today was not exercising actual communism described by Marx. If you actually research communism you would see ow good it is.

  • It it good.

    Communism as described by Karl Marx is truly a great idea. A perfect society would be a Communist one. The problem is that in the past the men in power grew corrupt and let their heart grow dark. Communism will bring about piece and equality for all, lets give it a try.

  • In principle, it is good.

    Karl Marx, well-known for his idealist, economical thinking, had thought up a great deal of ideas that could balance out capitalism. Because of capitalism, people can become rich. Good for them. But the downside is that many other people can drown in the dark, virtually bottomless pits of poverty. Many people would disagree that communism is good, for which I would not blame them because of the other negative characteristics of some… other… Communist countries. Karl Marx's perception of communism is not the same as what China or Russia is practicing in their own nations. Communism is based on the belief that all, or at least most, resources should be shared, otherwise this creates an unnecessary division in the world (which is really not what we're striving for here). Because of communistic ideas, more resources are either freely accessible or is at least priced at a lower cost. Because of communism, capitalism in a way is diminished, wherein a monopoly from the capitalists would have taken an iron fist among the 'lesser' members of the economy (which eventually leads to poverty). But, to say the least, no economic idea is perfect. We must mix and match these ideas furthermore to enhance the condition that our own economy is in.

  • Communism is fragile but could be worth it!

    Communism. It has gotten a very bad rep, in many places of the world. So has socialism. But I think if people looked into the ideas of it, they would see it has some great ideas. An example would be that the director of a big company is not better than the carpenter that can barely make a living. It would help with equality. The thing is though, is that we need to trust each other more, and we can not allow ourselves to become greedy. Because if we do, it could break. Communism is a very fragile ideology. But I think if people actually cared enough to carry it out in life, it would do a lot of good.
    It would help decreasing poverty. It would "remove" the classes that we have today where people are born into a class, and would have a hard time getting out of the class.

    Posted by: GMOP
  • My family survived communism.

    Comminusm is evil. My moms family is from the former soviet union and had to flee because of communism. My great grandfather was made a slave for 7 years, They had their land and property confiscated because of communism. Communism has killed 100 million people in the 20th century, more than Nazism.


    Let's see here. Communism has never worked. In all of human history, it has failed everywhere it's been tried. It might look good in theory, but it fails to take human nature into consideration. That is the reason it has failed, over and over and over again. It will continue to fail. But there is always some idiot who believes the only reason it hasn't worked yet is because THEY haven't tried it. I believe that is the definition of insanity.

  • Doesnt work in practice

    The people on the yes side are making excuses to why it didn't work in the past, but the way I see it, there is a difference between theory and practice. Communism is one of the many theoretical things that simply do not work out in the real world. It has been tried. It has been failed. Lets leave it behind.

  • What?!?!?!How is this even a question?

    How is this even a question? All that nonsense about communism working is naïve. There is no way, due to the nature of man, that it works. There will inevitably be the select few who need to control and regulate the supply. These folks get richer and richer, and oppress. It becomes the fascism described in 1984.

  • Communism leads to death

    Millions of people die and have died because of communism. It is 100% a bad thing. Communism always leads to a group or a person being the leader, sharing our property, education and jobs. For communism to work properly everyone would have to decide on things but there are too many people to do that so we have to stick with democracy as it is the closest thing to everyone having a say as we can get. Take the UK referendum for example, we all had our say

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