• Yes, it is possible but it wouldn't be any better than capitalism.

    For communism to work you would need to get rid of corruption (practically impossible but technically possible task). Now comes the question is working communism better than capitalism. To my understanding that answer is no. Capitalism without all of its corruption is a wonderful thing that would still triumph communism without corruption.

  • Of course it is.

    The question isn't whether or not communism is good or better than capitalism (which it isn't), but rather if it is possible. The simple fact that there is/has been communist countries proves that communism is possible. There are many other posts on this sight of people arguing for/against communism vs capitalism, so I won't comment on it more right here.

  • Communism is necesary

    Almost every "argument" against communism is based on false claims, such as that the goal of communism is to establish a boureocratic dictatorship, or that it depends on the goodwill of people instead of their conveinence.
    The main problem is that stupid people should learn more about what communism really is, reading bordiga, max stirner, zizek or marx.

  • It is possible

    Through automation or removal of the human nature factor through competition within the state or via other means a well organized and monitored system could work. Remember communism may have failed but capitalism is a continuous cycle of failure. While it isn't the utopia that Marx imagined it may be a feasible system for a small and well organized community such as a future space station.

  • Depends on several things

    There's so many factors that would attribute to a successful Communist nation. People's ideology and attitudes for starters. Geography. Topography. Population size and density. Religions. Climate. The list goes on and on. If certain conditions are met, then Communism can be successful. It's working just fine in Cuba right now. Sure, the economy isn't too good, but that's due to the lack of natural resources and the U.S. embargo.

  • Book of acts

    I believe the book of Acts in the Christian bible demonstrates classical communism (communalism/communitarianism). Many amish communities internally; when dealing with non-amish it would be akin to international trade. It could be democratic, autocratic, technocratic,etc. Sense of community and reciprocity would be the motivation rather than money. He who does not work, does not eat" - Paul of Tarsus

  • In some form, it is.

    I suppose this is the same as asking 'is capitalism possible?' - it already exists. Why is it being debated?

    But, on a more global scale, I think communism (or some form of hard left socialism) is. Once people realise that this is not as good as it gets and that there's a way out of the boom and bust economic system that's in place, people will turn to the possibilities that such realisation opens. Once the level of inequality (both within a country and global inequality) becomes both a) fully realised, and b) continues to grow, people will look for a solution. Capitalism doesn't offer the solution.

    It's a matter of people realising that the alternative is there. For this, people need to understand how the system works. It'll come about eventually.

  • Communism has inevitably always failed.

    Communism has always failed because it goes against human nature. It also violates basic principles of economics. It goes against the human spirit. It gives the government too much power over people's lives. It claims to be compassionate, but it actually results in a less compassionate society. That is my two cents.

  • Poorly Phrased Question, But No...

    Yes, it is possible, (i.E. China) but at the cost of basic freedoms. America was based on capitalistic values, being the stark opposite of communism, and has proven to become a highly successful country without the overbearing hand of communist laws meddling with the wills of the people. Give the people the means to help themselves and the freedom to choose their own path, and they will drive progress harder than any possible communist government.

  • No because people are stupid and greedy

    THe human race is greedy and selfish and ambitious (not a bad thing but related), the only two reasons a human would support a system where everyone is treated equally no matter what unless they are brainwashed into it or they gain from it. I dont really like communism and i wouldnt like it even if it worked, but it doesnt so the point is mute

  • Never if you base it's success by the claims of its creators

    Communist governments always fall into a totalitarian state. The goal of communism is to create a government run classless system that provides for everyone. Fact is, not one communist experiment has resulted in this. It has only created mass graves, a class society, less freedom, and rationed goods (or no goods). It causes people to rely on governments and then those governments become death machines. Abortion, suppression, or political levying are the reasons for the mass killing. It's sad really.

  • Quite bluntly, Humans can't handle it.

    I feel the human race doesn't have the ability to care and consider others around them. Communism is an ideology that relies on the good-hearted nature of the individual, and the societal acceptance that we are reliant upon each other.
    And besides... There is way too much greed, and general human bullsh*t for communism to practically exist without corruption anyway.

  • Communism is an utopia

    The problem of this thread is that it does not announce the kind of Communism it advocates. I will take it for granted that we are talking about a Marxist-Leninist communism and not a Stalinist communism, simply because even the stupidest person would not advocate for the later.

    Alright, so what most people do not understand of Marxist-Leninism is that it is supposed to be based on the natural good will of people. It is based on a positive anthropology, in which philosophers like Rousseau belived. For this reason, the Marxist-Leninism system does not intend to actually have a state. People would simply work when they want to and take what they need to. There would be ne need of policemen or politicians. Nobody would want the steal his neighbor, there would be no free market and everybody would be equally poor but happy.

    Now, who can say that this isn't utopia ?

  • Corruption is to possible.

    We are very greed and anger filled race and all we strive for is power and wealth if there were a way where we could set up a possible checks and balance system to adhere to that. But that wouldn't be COMMUNISM. Is would be constitutional communism. And thats not what the debate is asking.

  • Not in our nature

    Humans are generally stupid and forgetful. Also, the government can't decide what's best for everyone. Not everyone should be treated the same way. Communism is ultimately making the feeling, knowing people your pawns. Total control of every aspect of your citizens lives will eventually evolve into a twisted image like North Korea.

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