• Remember! We are using Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" to support whether conflict is necessary for personal growth!

    2-3 paragraphs

    1st paragraph: introduction THEN thesis statement (goes at the end)
    2nd paragraph: reasons/supporting statements (quotes)
    3rd paragraph: 2nd reasons/supporting statements or conclusion paragraph

    Spell check, please!

    Due: 8/23 by midnight

    I am excited for your first essay, and I have faith in you and I need two more words to post this- I'm good.

  • Part of life.

    We all take notice of where we are in life and were we want to be in the future. We then try to take steps in order to be that person. Sure, conflict can and often does take part but many aspects can be changed by other means like education.

    Note to mrsquick: If you need to write an essay, do it yourself.

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