• Living in the country is healthier.

    OK, i admit it the country life has less opportunities but think about it its much healthier. Your kids will live in a clean air environment. And everyone knows everybody, your kids will have close friends and will love it. Don't do it for yourself do it for your children. :)

  • The country is where i live and breathe

    I put my life into this family farm. Staying home sick from school to help out at harvest time. Get up at 7, be out in the field by 8, won't be back home until 2 30 in the morning. This is where all of my dreams are, no matter where i go this is where ill end up in the end.

  • Country life is better than city life

    I've grown up on the border of a state forest my whole life and have a great education,min fact I thnk I would have a better education than I would have if I was in the city, there is less students for teachers to look after so they can help you out more and you experience things city people would never get a chance to. We breathe healthy, less polluted air and will usually be out side a lot more than city people. Country people will usually have more pets that city people so it teaches the country kids to have a responsibility.And I have a huge town to ride my horses in. I live in a loving and Caring community were every one knows every one. And I think you'll find that in the country there would be at least one nurse or doctor in each family. Medical care in the country is the same as in the city. People say that the country is boring but I want to ask you city people a question, have you ever patted a cow or been part of a community that really knows you and loves you??? And a better question, have you ever been to the country? It's not all open paddocks and grass with people living 5 Kim's away from each other. There are actual towns in the country! We are n isolated and I think you'll find that the country will have much better fire bregades and protection than the city. We need it because there is fire in the country. But that's not bad. Fire regenerate things. It's how life works. Country life is much better on everyone's lives humane and animals in the country animals are kept In paddock in the city animals are kept in factories! ( if you want to know about this type up factory farming it's horrible!) I am for the country all the was!

  • Country life ftw!

    I think the country life is better and to everyone that thinks the city life is better because you have more opportunities to better scholarship and more high-paying jobs are just stupid. I´ve lived in the country my whole life and it haven´t stopped me or any of my friends (who also live in the country) to get a good scholarship and a high-paying job.
    And to everyone still thinks city life is better are just lazy people that are lying to themselves.
    Country life ftw!!

  • Country life is wayyy better

    Do you prefer the silent peaceful tranquility of living in the country, or the loud crowded police siren in-the-distance city life? Personally, I prefer to live out in the country where your closest neighbor is across a mile wide pasture.
    There are advantages to living in the city, such as being closer to your job or work, close to your supermarkets of choice, and in some cases living near your good friends. However, living in the city also has its disadvantages: poorer air quality, and less space outside.
    Also, the noise of cars honking and police sirens zooming by your house at night would also be pretty annoying when you are trying to sleep. There is the chance that your neighbor would be the bad neighbor. For example: the family whose kids leave all their trinkets and toys in your yard while they are playing. Potentially costing you hundreds of dollars to fix your brand new, shiny, green, John Deere lawn mower. There are so many more things that are bad then good about living in the city.
    Now, on to living out of town. The country is basically a giant playground if you think about it. Country living definitely has its advantages. Being about as loud as you fancy without complaints, burning your pasture or yard whenever you feel the need so your grass gets greener, whenever you want. Also you can burn your trash, which is much easier than placing it in cans and pushing them out to the road. And lastly but certainly not least, you can play with all your vehicles like your dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and even trucks, whenever you want and anywhere on your property. Those are just some of the many advantages to living out of town. It does indeed have disadvantages, these downsides can be costly too, some of them are the cost of gas of back and forth trips to town, also the cost of gas for ATVs and such (should you posses them), it may cost you significantly more to purchase a property out in the country because more land equals more money. Also you will typically live on gravel roads, which are usually covered in pot holes. Those can be extremely annoying, and if you don’t go around them, they could cause serious problems for your vehicle.
    There are a large collection of pros and cons when it comes to both living in the city and in the country. In the end, it is always your choice where you want to live. You could choose the loud, crowded police siren in-the-distance city. Or you could choose the other option. The peaceful, free, wide open country.

  • Country Life is Amazing!

    I could name a 1000 reasons for why the city sucks. But the country has only has one downfall, which is speedy commutes to places in a city. I can go to a city to do anything city people can, but city people can't do anything in the country side without living there to experience and appreciate it all. They may know how to go camping or hunting. Camping is just a mobile version of living in the country which is amazing and hunting may be cool but who's land are you going to go on? Your friend's, a national park's, or your own? Hunting on your own land has a lot of benefits. Plus just "knowing your land" is an incredible feeling.

  • All the way

    Life in the country gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to do. Have a garden (to help with that grocery bill) Raise your own meat, the way you want it, not stocked full of waste from another product. And raising kids, where you are at ease they wont get taken... So think about it. I believe the country is more owner friendly.

  • Country life is WAY better than city life! Just think of all the opportunities that city dwelling people are missing out on!

    There are benefits of country life. And I can't see why the city going people cant see them! You're missing out on so much! Like clean air, peace, privacy, nature, and animal friends! As a city and country dwelling person (yes I also live in the city) I would take country living over city living anytime. You don't need a computer and a flat-screen TV to be happy. All you need is out here in the country (Yes I am writing this from the city, I cant really choose where I am at the moment) with the birds, sheep, horses and (my personal favourite) COWS!!! Yes, you can rest assured that country living is better for the mind and body than city living is!

  • Country life for life.

    I have lived in a small town in Nebraska. I know everyone in town. I live on a farm and if needed I could support my family with just the land. I could grow food in the Garden and plant corn or wheat in the fields, I raise chickens, cows, and turkeys. You havn't lived until you ride a dirtbike or fourwheeler down a country road going 90 miles an hour.

  • Living in the country is healthier.

    OK, i admit it the country life has less opportunities but think about it its much healthier. Your kids will live in a clean air environment. And everyone knows everybody, your kids will have close friends and will love it. Don't do it for yourself do it for your children. :)

  • Go all the way city's!

    As a kid I know that you can always have a friend to help and stand by you, sure in the country you have a horse and dog(no offense to dogs who are awesome) but you don't have any one to laugh with, your parents don't count they have not usually been a kid in 30 so years.
    Also city food is better then country food

  • City Life All The Way

    Country life might be interesting for old people that prefer doing nothing at all.
    Also, people say that there are no annoying neighbors in the country, but that's just because those people live in the middle of nowhere... Did you ever wonder why there are just a few people living in the country? It's because no one wants to go there!
    In the city, you can do everything you want, at any time.

  • Every thing is at your door step

    Everything is so close to like the hospital because if I was in a country I would die half way to the doctors where I was supposed to be treated for cancer. Also fast food will live up to their name in city life. Come to think of it some country people don't know what a computer is.

  • Live Life, Live City

    In the city there are so much more leisure activities. Also you have more access to emergency services.
    Did you know that only 1 quarter of the people in the world live in the country, why? Because there is nothing to do except for hard work, and who likes hard work?

  • The city is amazing

    What is there to do in the country? Ride horses? Hard work? Cool. If I want do do any of that (not bloody likely) I'll travel to the country. Where as in the city I'm surrounded by amazing culture and art, always having things to do, having so much to see, I can shop where I want, eat where I want, get anywhere with public transport, there are better schools, more jobs, better medical care. As for the loud noise and busy streets; what's wrong with that? It's comforting, natural, I actually can't stand silence. Annoying neighbours? I've never met mine and I've lived here for 16 years 🙌🙌🙌💕💕

  • Kids won't get kidnapped in the country

    This is false because if a child was kidnapped in the country it would be very dangerous because as you know the countryside is not really busy which means that if a child was kidnapped there would be no one to witness and also no one to help them.Which makes it really dangerous in the countryside.

  • City For Ever

    Living in the country leaves you with limited access to medical, fire and police services. Decent education is far away and so is everything else. Even your nearest friends are far away. And the big thing... You are far away from the coast. Country and Beach are never near each other. I would never we able to live far away from the fun and enjoyment of the coast.

  • Country life is better

    Motorbikes, horses, breath FRESH air, no noise, no pollution, city people don't get to experience the country life because there is no greenery or any sense of life left. The country is such a good place to grow up and you will be so much healthier for growing up in a less polluted place! Country is the best!!

  • City life is awesome. It rocks...

    Let's be real, everyone wants to have a comforting life and that is what city life is all about. Its exciting, comfortable, and easy. There are many opportunities available in cities like good medical treatment, transportation, information technologies, recreation, communication employment, entertainment, and you know all that thing that makes your life easy. Therefore I strongly believe that city life ROCKSSS......

  • City is the best

    You're so isolated. How are you supposed to get decent education if you're being home schooled by your parents or a laptop? And your not given a good life. You are kept away from the beach, parks, schooling and proper education. And plus, these are just some of the problems.

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Tytas says2015-02-19T19:13:21.313
What I have to say is simple. The country can survive without the city. The city cannot survive without the country. The city has no where to grow foods and forests for nourishment and buildings. The facts of the matter are that the city is a convenience and luxury and humanity can survive without it. Take it from someine who lived in a mud hut in the middle of a jungle for six years. We are spoiled by even having glass in our windows.