• Creationism Is Correct, Until We Prove Exactly What Did Happen

    This theory of creationism has been hotly debated umpteen thousand times since man’s first existence. Science has held strong and fast to their assessments based on what they assert is the only pliable evidence, and all based in concrete within the theory of evolution. Creationists, holding their Bibles close to their heart, tout that all human beings were created by, and in some form, in the image of an all mighty supreme being, which most prefer to call God. Why can’t both theories have some substance? Creationists will not budge from their assertion that the earth is only 10,000 years old, and therefore the only calendar we know, must certainly be the only calendar we can use to account for God’s timeline in the realm of creation. Scientists are stuck on the man from ape theory, and will never budge in their own right, to accept anything being a part of man’s development other than their “monkey evolution criteria”. I say they’re both wrong, and one of these days we’re going to finally see that the pieces of the puzzle can all fit together in a comparative theory something along the lines of maybe “Evolutionary Creativity”. Until then, I’m not throwing the Source out of the picture, until someone presents something a bit more substantial than a few ape-like fossils that look like a human.

  • Yes since Creationism is a valid theory

    The Fossil Evidence. Evolution is supposed to be a process of change. If some ancient species of worm or other creature without a backbone slowly changed into a vertebrate fish with a backbone, there should be a series of intermediate fossil species which document that actual process of change. These intermediate fossil forms are totally absent from the fossil record. Prof. Alfred Romer at Harvard University wrote that this evolution from invertebrate to vertebrate must have required 100 million years for which we do not have the fossil evidence. Prof. Stephen Stanley of Johns Hopkins University wrote in 1979 that the known fossil record provides not a single example of a series of fossils which prove that a process of evolution really took place to produce a new kind of creature.

    These systematic gaps in the fossil record mean that every basic type of plant or animal seems to appear suddenly in the fossil-bearing rocks. The fossils speak of sudden appearance of the kinds, not the slow, gradual change of one kind into another kind. But this fossil evidence appears more in agreement with special creation than with evolution, doesn't it?

    Biological Design. Nature is rich everywhere with biological designs which defy evolutionary explanation. Secular scientists, when pressed, have to admit that they cannot offer testable or even plausible explanations for the origin of biodesigns. For just one example, consider the little intestinal microbe, Escherichia coli. Each tiny single-celled microbe propels itself around with six corkscrew propellers which are connected by universal joints to six constant torque, variable speed, reversible rotary motors!

    Evolutionary scientists have not the slightest idea how this complex assembly of complex, interdependent parts could have evolved. Yet, they believe it happened. They have faith in dumb atoms. Faith in the Creator God is far superior.

    Genetics: For thousands of years intelligent humans have been selectively breeding plants and animals to develop varieties which are of special value to man. So there are 150 varieties of dogs, scores of varieties of roses, many different varieties of cattle and sheep, of apples and potatoes, etc. But they are still dogs, roses, cattle, sheep, apples and potatoes. There is much variation under artificial selection. Also, there is much variation in nature in the wild. But the changes are always limited. Genetics teaches that there are barriers through which genetic change cannot go. Species of plants and animals exist in groups of species which are separated from all other such groups. And this is just what the Bible teaches in Genesis 1 where Moses tells us that God created the "kinds" of plants and animals to reproduce each one "after its own kind." Genetics gives the lie to Charles Darwin's notion that, given time, genetic variation has been unlimited, so that an amoeba could evolve into a university professor in 3 billion years.

  • Without a higher power we couldn't survive here.

    Looking back throughout history we see that society has gone through tribulation after hardship after more tribulation. If there were to be no superior being watching over us then how could we survive for this long? It's impossible that all that you see today has become simple from chance. We as a society alone wouldn't even have developed to the point we are today just by chance alone, if the odds are truly billions to one then we wouldn't be here without a higher power.

  • The "theory" of creationism was made thousands of years ago to give an easy explanation back then

    People thousands of years ago did not have science or any tools to understand their surroundings so they made up the concept of God and divine creation to give an explination, but now we do have the science to make facts about our surroundings therefore it's irrational to keep up with superstitious fairy tales.

  • I believe the 99% of biology scientists

    In no way am I or I imagine anyone else on here a professional biology scientist. These men and women have devoted their entire lives to the debate of evolution vs creationism, if over 99% of them believe evolution to be correct then so will I. I will place my trust in the people who are most knowledgeable on the subject, not average people who think they have found serious holes in evolution and therefore believe god did it out of ignorance.

    Posted by: Worm
  • No, the Bible provides false facts.

    According to Biblical calculations, by English clerics 350 years ago, the world was created on October 23, 4004 B.C.E. This obviously false as carbon dating finds the earliest human to be discovered "Lucy", as being of African decent and over 3.5 million years old. Besides, as stated above, the Bible was written over 2000 years ago by men less educated than we are today. Religion is a man made idea used to provide reasons for what we do not know. Humans don't know how we came to be so make up a story that everyone will believe. Religion simply used to be sacrificing people to make sure the sun came up the next day.

  • Bronze Age Mythology in a modern world.

    Creationism is not a theory at all. In science, a theory is a hypothesis that has be repeatedly and exhaustively tested and always upheld by the evidence- none contradicts. Science must also be objective, falsifiable, testable, and involve only the natural world. Creationism is none of these things- it is an unprovable assertion contradicted by all available scientific evidence.

    Evolution denial is, quite frankly, akin to belief in a flat Earth at this point.

  • No, it isn't.

    Creationism is a faith-based belief that is not based on proof. So it can't be a theory. Faith is an assumption that requires gullibility, not proof. Creationism comes from the bible, a book written almost 2000 years ago by primitive men who thought the world was flat, did not know where the sun went at night and would burn you alive if you thought different. The bible claims that the earth is no more then 10,000 years old. Fossil evidence is hundred of thousands, if not millions, of years old. Evolutionary scientists use fossils to prove there theories even though they don't have all the answers, science is still brave enough to ask questions. In closing I would like to say god is imaginary, question everything. Thank you for your question.

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MrJosh says2013-05-31T19:26:11.863
Creationism is not a theory.