• Its Hard work to be in Crew

    Crew is a rough sport. Very physical and harsh training, definately works more of all the body. This isn't just fun in the lake, its a fast paced race and I believe its a sport. This is my first year doing crew, but it clearly has been fun and extremely competitive against others we have raced against.

  • Rowing is a sport

    If your reasoning is that anyone can row, that is very very wrong. People can't even get into a racing shell without tipping it over, much less row in it. And that includes using the proper stroke rate for the part of the race you are in, rowing in PERFECT time with any other rowers in the boat, use the oars correctly, and overall have great technique. Guess what, anyone can run, but track is a sport. Rowers have to have great endurance to power through without any breaks for generally over 2k, and be able to have the mental endurance to do that. It also includes more muscle groups than any other sport. Rowers work incredibly hard, and the fact that this debate even exists is stupid. Nobody argues that biking, or skiing, or running is a sport, those are means of transportation as well.

  • It's an Incredibly Demanding and Physical Sport

    Crew engages pretty much your entire body and I feel like you can't call crew "not a sport" until you've felt the pain in your legs after erging really hard. Also, you cannot say that crew can't be a sport simply because it's based on a means of transportation. Cycling, cross country, and track are all very much considered sports, yet they are all still ways to get around. Also, you cannot discredit crew as not being a valid sport because "anyone can row." Anyone can run. Anyone can kick a soccer ball. But in these cases and more, you have to have a certain level of technique and ability pertaining to your according sport. You have to have good erg times and such to be really good at rowing, just as you have to be pretty fast to run track well. Maybe there can be some misconceptions about the people who participate in crew but it is still very much a sport.

  • Rowing is a sport

    I like rowing im a rower my self i row for state and im very good at it i think this is a stupid argument and i cop enough of this shit at school so get a life leave the rowers alone if you dont like the sport stick it up your ass try appreciation how much time we put into a sport which we love

  • Not a sport

    How you gonna call something a sport when it’s based off a means of transportation. Pretty ridiculous how people even believe this is a sport. The most important job is to be small and yell at people. Anyone can row not anyone can hit a 100 mph fastball thrown from 90 feet away.

  • THis is bullshit

    Man u must be on some serious shit rn. This weak ass white boy shit is not a sport. I know a rower and he is the fatest fuck ever. Man most rowers just sit their lazy ass on the couch all day and eat donuts while watching tv. AINT A SPORT

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