• No doubt Ronaldo is better.

    Ronaldo has scored more goals and assists in the 2015/16 season. Playing for the national team brings very proud feeling, Ronaldo has won a Euro cup for his motherland Portugal he captained them and became a manager at the final with very average players like Carvalho, Mario,etc. While Messi had the deadliest players like Romero, Aguero and Di Maria and still can't win anything for Argentina and now that coward has retired from Argentina. Ronaldo has given more money to charity, he even sold one of his golden boots for education in Gaza, while Messi's contributions to charity and children is nothing compared to Ronaldo, he won't give cause he is a greedy tax fraud too. Ronaldo doesn't put crazy tattoos in body like Messi because he wants to donate blood frequently. Messi needs special players around him like Suarez, Iniesta, Higuain,etc. But I have already told that the average players of Portugal team are enough for CR7. Though Ronaldo has won a ballon d' or less ( can win the 2016), He will remain a better player than Messi which FIFA are too stupids to realize. Ronaldo is the complete player.

  • Yes, Ronaldo has proven himself to be better.

    A purely statistical view shows that Ronaldo is a better soccer player. While Messi has scored 41 goals in the 2015 / 2016 season. Ronaldo has scored ten more, for a total of 51 goals. Even including the 8 more assists that Messi has, Ronaldo still is currently the best. That is an analytical view that does not account for anything else other than the facts.

  • Yes he is better than Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi needs unique players surrounding him to able to do what he is doing, he is not independent. Cristiano Ronaldo can play in any league in the world unlike Lionel Messi.Ronaldo is a better goal scorer than Lionel Messi.He is the only player with that gift of heading the ball while suspending on the air

  • Yes, he is better then Ronaldo.

    Yes I think that he is the better soccer player because he seems to be more of a disciplined player than Ronaldo and because of that he seems to be more composed out their on the field which is the way their supposed to be. In order to be effective one must be patient. I cant see Ronaldo as a good team player, and his goals are set up by others,so he just almost needs only a touch to score. On the other side Messi is brilliant with ball and exciting to see every one of his touch.

  • No, Messi is better overall.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player. He and Messi are without a doubt the two best players in the world. However, Messi has consistently proven that he is better. Statistics aside, Messi is a better dribbler and passer. Ronaldo is a great goal scorer, but many of his goals are a result of teammates making good passes to set him up. Messi, on the other hand, creates a lot of his own goals, as well as goals for his teammates. Messi is more versatile and better all-around than Ronaldo.

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