• Depending on the type, yes

    I had never heard of this so I had to go to google and the always-helpful Wikipedia. Apparently "crush fetish" falls into two categories; "hard" and "soft". "Soft" refers to people stepping on objects such as food and other inanimate objects. While I don't understand this (and am not quite morbid enough to go researching the psychology of it in-depth), I don't see a problem with it.

    "Hard" refers to the crushing of live animals. That's animal abuse and obviously not acceptable as it is both illegal and immoral.

    There's my opinion. If you're a crush fetishist and confine yourself to "soft" subject material it's OK. If you venture into "hard" you should be arrested.

    Posted by: SM29
  • I think crush fetish is bad!!

    Who the hell wants to crush animals? That is freaking animal cruelty! I am sure of that animals are innocent and do not need to be harmed. The crush fetish is retarded in every single way. From destroying toys, certain objects, crushing things is still not good. I hate being human. Either way I would kill myself if someone told they like crushing animals

  • Who Has A Mind Sick Enough To Enjoy This?

    This is a prime example of speciesism and it makes me so incredibly upset; how is this in ANY way pleasurable? This is terrible. People who have this fetish and actually crush animals are the reasons why PETA exists. I can't believe that people find this appealing. I'm absolutely speechless.

  • Of course not

    I don't know what this crush fetish even is, but looking at the picture of the rabbit getting crushed by the woman's high heels, it is not okay. Why should we crush animals? This is animal abuse. We are animals also, do you want to be crushed by giants? Same thing for these animals!!! So of course not!!!

  • Crush fetish: NO

    This question should not even be debated about. Crush fetish is clearly animal abuse, and is so cruel to the point that to have a crush fetish is a serious psychological disorder. It is just plain sick and disturbing. Therefore, the answer to this question is obviously No, No and NO!

  • A characteristic of a psychopathic personality

    I'd argue that anyone who displays such behavior is a sufferer of anti-social personality disorder and is not a person most could trust. Evolution enabled in US a sense of morality so as to aid is socializing, bonding and teamwork. All things that are important for human survival, at least in a natural setting. But this 'fetish' certainly does raise the question of subjective morality. Perhaps such actions are abhorrent by societies standards, but how different is it, really, from our farming practices. Is it any more moral to torture and kill an animal for food than it is to torture and kill an animal for sexual gratification? I would argue yes, but I digress, morality is subjective, instead I refer you back to my first statement.

  • Crushing animals is a crime

    A coworker over a decade ago explained what crushing was, and I was shocked to hear that this kind of fetish existed. Crunching, or crushing, brings torment to animals, since the culprit in these acts stomps on them to attain gratification or whatever; this activity is clearly animal abuse. It's also illegal. No, it's not okay.

  • Crush fetish = animal cruelty.

    Crush fetish is not okay because people are abusing innocent animals. There was a YouTuber who made videos while doing crush fetish. His or her channel was banned from the website. Animal cruelty is harsh, careless, and a crime. Crush fetish: BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-07-27T01:52:23.047
Gah! What the heck, man?
Throwback says2016-07-27T02:18:59.867
I refuse to research and learn what crush fetish means. I will continue not knowing, as I am sure such knowledge would affect either my liberty or my faith. It just sounds inane.