Is cultural appropriation an important social issue?

Asked by: jacob04
  • Yes it is

    All these things that people wear like bindis and headresses (sorry i dont know the name) without knowing the meaninh and how to wear thwm is simply wrong. Just because something looks nice and cool or 'urban' doesnt mean you should wear them. People get offended because their culturistic objects are simply used because thwy look 'nice' before wearing anything like these you have to take in the consideration that they are symbolic and you should only wear them if you are using them the way they are meant to be used

  • There’s a difference between honouring a culture and stealing from it so you can look ‘cool’ and ‘exotic’ and show off.

    While white people are praised for altering their bodies, plumping their lips and tanning their skin, black women are shamed although the same features exist on them naturally. What looks ghastly, horrible and repulsive on the actual culture, looks ‘cool’ and ‘exotic’ on the oppressors. How can this be? A culture is supposed to be something that is vibrant, unique and homley to the person that belongs to that culture. A culture is what gives you history and what makes you interesting- It gives you a sense of belonging to a certain group. It isn’t there to be stolen or made fun of. A culture is sacred and it’s what makes you, you. It influences the way you dress, dance, how you act, what food you eat, and the list goes on. Therefore culture is a substantial part of somebody’s life. Hence you can’t just take it like it’s yours and change the entire concept of it; changing the meaning and turning into something it’s not. It’s just not right.

    In a song Selena Gomez, a pop artist, dresses up in traditional south asian clothes. Now I'm not saying that's wrong. People can wear whaevr they want. However what has Bindis and Saris got to do with her song? Absolutely nothing. Then why does she wear it? She is stealing an entire culture and ethnic identity and turning it into just a mere costume.
    She is changing the meaning of the once- important Bindi and turning it into just an ordinary fashion accessory.

  • This is ridiculous

    What about other races appropriating western clothing, music, medicine, architecture,technology, systems of government, languages, institutions etc etc.??
    But some white girl gets dreads and people call it cultural appropriation......
    We don't wine about chinese people playing western classical music do we???
    If you have a double standard you are not treating races equally. You obviously feel other cultures are inferior and need special treatment.

  • Yes it is harmful to the culture being appropriated.

    Imagine you are one of the smallest minorities in the country, you're living below the poverty line you're parents had you very young and at least one of your family members has severe drug or alcohol problems. Now imagine you're culture has been appropriated by the rest of the country grossly misrepresented , used to suit the their ideologies and made a mockery in comedies. Now say that you're successful in life despite all of the obstacles you faced yet still the people around you apply the misrepresentationd of you're culture to you that are a result of you're culture being appropriated by others. What I'm saying is today no matter what say a Native American does (the most relevant example) no matter how successful they are they will always have deal with the rest of society demeaning their culture.

    No matter how much you admire or respect a culture don't apt it unless you're invited to. You have your own culture learn about that culture it's not as boring as you think.

  • Yes, it is

    Because effectively, when you culturally appropriate, you're stealing from other cultures. Furthermore, what is seen as 'cool' and 'exotic' on white people, for example, dreadlocks, are often seen as 'ratchet', 'ghetto', 'disgusting' on people from the culture it's been stolen from. Cultural appropriation effectively allows for racism. Things like bindis and Native American headdresses are important parts of people's cultures and lifestyles, so why steal them when there are other, non culturally appropriative items that white people can wear and have?

  • No it's not

    I don't think there's anything wrong with people 'stealing' aspects from other cultures. I don't see the issue in a white girl wearing dreadlocks, if that's what she wants then she must feel free to do so. Dreadlocks is not a priviliged hairstyle only black people can have (this is only an example). I know there are people who don't feel this way and are really offended when parts of their culture get 'stolen' by other people, but I believe there are worse issues like racism and homophobia that need solving first.

  • All culture is appropriated.

    "Cultural appropriation" is a morally confused and historically nonsensical idea. All culture, across history, has been appropriated from other cultures. There is no such thing as pure culture. All culture is in flux and is in a state of appropriation and change, at all times. The Italians got pasta from the Chinese -- should they give it back? The Japanese took much of their culture from the Chinese, and Buddhism from the Indians. There is no such thing as "black" culture -- what we call "black" covers an extraordinarily diverse set of peoples, all of which have for centuries been pillaging and appropriating one another's cultures in Africa and elsewhere. Some culture, somewhere, started wearing corn rows. Should only the black people who trace their lineage to that particular people be allowed to wear corn rows? Should we stop eating Tex Mex food? Is it wrong for a white person to wear a ninja costume to a party? Should Native Americans be asked to shut down casinos because they came from white people? Should white jewelry makers in New Mexico stop making jewelry with Native American designs and symbols? Should black people be banned from wearing bowler hats? If you are half white and half black, do you get to wear corn rows on only one side of your head? Absurd. Totally, completely absurd.

    Food, dress, hairstyles -- none of it is pure, none of it "belongs" to anyone of any particular race, and talking about it being "stolen" is talking pure nonsense.

    It's all completely ridiculous.

    The correct answer here is to stop talking about cultural appropriation, let people wear whatever they want, for whatever reason they want, and chill out.

  • Only very specific tribal groups have the right to get offended by this if it relates to specific symbols or imagery...

    For example when the Navajo Nation took legal action against Urban Outfitters for using their sacred symbols on mass produced clothes....
    But not for things like "chop sticks" in hair buns or any jewel sticker placed on the forehead. A linear object worn in hair is far to genaric for any culture to claim, so is a rhinestone that happens to be on the forehead is not the same as the traditional bindi...Which has be made from certain material or in a certain pattern to have traditional significance. A portion of the body is NOT claimable by a culture either.
    And even get me started about cornrows....
    First of all here in the South , barring all hipster crap aside, there are two types of white females who actually wear cornrows: teenage basketball players, and more rarely adults. Both you should probably leave alone, because chances are have you ever thought maybe those white girls earned the right to wear those cornrows??? First of all cornrows are NOT easy to do, and most white people dont know how to do them.... So who do you think put them in their hair??? In the case of the teenage basketball player, cornrows have a physical purpose they keep their head cool and hair out of their eyes, also sometimes it's a practice that builds team spirit, and sisterhood among players.
    And to all you SJWs out there Id warn against ever approaching a grown white woman with cornrows... Either she just got out of jail or she's in a gang...At least in my neighborhood. Just saying.

  • Get over it

    Who cares if a white person wears a native American headress to coachella, or a bindi? What's the big deal if a white hippie guy wears dreads. It's not going to kill anybody or do harm. It just looks cool. Geisha and gypsy costumes are just costumes, who cares? Your democracy is greek, your pizza, pasta etc Italian, jeans American, a lot of stuff is made by white people but idc if you use it. Flannel shirts, jeans and hamburgers, and rock and roll are made by white people (I know some early rock and roll artists are black, but Elvis is considered king and is white) and people from other races use it. I'm white, and I don't throw a hissy fit. You know why? That stuff is awesome!

  • It is a cover for much bigger issues.

    The issues with cultural appropriation is due to discriminated populations not having the right to practice their culture freely without discrimination. It is used as an umbrella label to describe many different issues that have varying levels of consequences. Portraying a stereotype that will influence people negatively toward a population is something that will negatively influence people toward that population. The problem is based on an assumption that people personally own others ideas as birthright. The opposite being that people should have the right to all ideas in the world regardless to who they are born. The problem is that some people are more restricted in their opportunity to express themselves. People can look at a piece of art and have that piece of art affect them individually different than other people around them. We should respect the meaning that it has to other people without forcing ones meaning onto others and just because one group has forced others to believe things one way doesn't mean the issue is them enjoying elements of the group that they oppressed culture that may make things worse but the issue is that they oppressed in the first place, that they didn't respect their culture when they were displaying it for themselves. The issue is respect for other cultures not the absorption of ideas, and the balance of power. The assumption is that people should have a monopoly over ideas, thought and expression, due to a birthright due to being born among members or as members of a specific group. The issue is having a society listen to am majority culture and not the minority culture who have greater connection to something. There needs to be dialogue over assumptions, and the real issues that are at the root of the problems need to be addressed.

  • This is ridiculous

    What about other races appropriating western clothing, music, medicine, architecture,technology, systems of government, languages, institutions etc etc.??
    But some white girl gets dreads and people call it cultural appropriation......
    We don't wine about chinese people playing western classical music do we???
    If you have a double standard you are not treating races equally. You obviously feel other cultures are inferior and need special treatment.

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