• Yes, this is an issue for online gaming.

    Cyber security is a serious issue when it comes to online gaming. Players on internet gaming sites face the threats of hackers stealing personal information; even identify theft. Online gaming companies must do more to secure their servers in order to protect players. Furthermore, people that use these sites must be careful to safeguard their personal information.

  • Of course, no brainer

    It was recently reported that hackers can spy on you through your security monitoring or baby monitoring systems, so why not through your gaming devices. Gamers are so obsessed with playing they probably don't take the time to secure their systems. Cyber security is now a concern for all of us and hopefully gamers will make the proper adjustments to get their systems secured.

  • Cyber Security Always a Concern

    Yes, cyber security is an issue for online gaming. It is a concern all over the internet, but gaming in particular. Many games are created quickly to keep up with demand and may not be secured as thoroughly as other sites. In addition, there are numerous users often interacting with each other, leaving a lot of room for security breaches.

  • Too Little Information To Be Safe

    With the explosion of online gaming by all ages on all kinds of devices the need for more cyber security is increased. Too many chat options from behind a gaming image provides a target rich environment to pray on the un-expecting, unworldly and underage population that frequents the online gaming community across the globe.

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