• Cyberbulling is fine.

    It isn't really bullying. We're just expressing our feelings towards people dislike, and disliking people is really acceptable. Although you say that everybody has the rights to be respected, we also have the rights to tell people that I don't like you, and it cannot be limited by others so it's fine.

  • Freedom doesn't mean you can do anything

    Cyber bullying is a different thing. Cyber bullying is a real thing. IT may hurt others feelings. Nowadays, people miss led the phrase "freedom of speech" . They think they have freedom to speak whatever they want . Which, the world now is turning against the bad side, which is't good, that's why

  • The freedom of speech is protecting everything

    When the freedom of speech is talked about it covers the good and the bad no matter what internet censorship should never come into play because of free speech the first amendment protects freedom of speech which cannot be limited by the government therefore cyber bullying does not violate freedom of speech

  • Have you noticed?

    That the people on the side that makes more sense has decent grammar, but the people on the stupid side have terrible grammar?

    I need more words so I will say it depends what hes saying, if its an opinion on pewdiepie then he has every right to say it, if it is constant harassment of a typical person then the person should be arrested.

  • Cyberbullying is wrong

    Cyberbullying is much more worse then bullying in person. Children feel like they have more power behind a screen because, they use usernames or make fake profiles, and harass a person. And the parents always stick up for the child because they think that their child would never bully a person because it wrong.

  • Soon, everything will be "cyberbullying"

    In no way should speech, even harsh or ugly speech, should be considered a crime. There are laws that cover libel. But attempting to silence people because your feelings are hurt is a dangerous and ignorant road. Soon, everybody will be claiming that they are being cyberbullied if others criticize them or call them names. Then what? Haul people off to jail? Prosecute them for murder because mentally ill people take their own lives and their families in denial blame others? First Amendment is very strong and very precious for a reason. It protects everybody.

  • Cyberbullying is fine

    Yes I understand that it hurts people feelings , but you can't stop someone from saying something to somebody , because everyone has freedom of speech. If it was such a bad thing then God wouldn't let it happen , but the reason people bully is because there life at home sucks or either there going through a rough time. If you disagree then that's fine . Everyone either has gotten bullied or has bullied someone.

  • To a certain extent, it depends on what it contains

    People don't even agree on what "Cyberbullying" is.

    There are some things that could be labeled "Cyberbullying" that should NOT be considered protected speech, such as threats to commit violent acts, libel, slander, invasion of privacy. But you can't categorically say "cyberbullying is not protected". Your definition of it may differ from someone else's definition, so you could accidentally be advocating against your own freedom of speech.

    Laws should be above all specific and a person shouldn't have to guess about whether what they are doing is legal or illegal. So there should be no laws that depend upon how the victim reacts or how the victim feels (except for if the victim has explicitly communicated this prior to the act). It should be either the act is an offense punishable by law even if the victim doesn't feel hurt at all or it's not an offense.

    Even if it is specific it still might not be constitutional. In drawing the line we need to be very careful or we might completely lose our right to freedom of speech.

    And if it's illegal online it should also be illegal committed in person.

  • Cyber bullying is inevitable and can only hurt you if you let it

    Everyone gets bullied, attempts to stop it only lead to that method becoming stigmatized. All kids get bullied, so why try go shelter kids. Kids need to realize that some people will always hate you. It's how you deal with bullying constructively that matters. Words never killed anyone. Only people's actions can kill. Grow a thicker skin. You don't have to listen to cyber bullying. If you want to you can just block that persons number or stop going to that website.

  • It is too subjective

    What qualifies cyber bullying is ultimately subjective. Anyone offended by any comment would be able to claim they were bullied. Fox news would literally shutdown from being unable to hate on the president and liberals, so would all satire shows. Media would have to be absolutely objective to survive and so would any speech. Anyone or company offended by any form of unfounded expression be it as reviews, songs, text or what have you would claim they are being bullied. Political campaigns would take an interesting turn as you cannot ridicule your opponent excessively even on their flaws. Satirical cartoons would be a thing of the past because they are typically exaggerated expressions just like the abuse some would class as bullying. South Park, Boondocks, and much more would be censored to avoid the boat load of court cases their expressions would attract. I think if you are offended by it, avoid it. If you have to read the varying abuses knowing they hurt you then I think it would be equivalent to a black person visiting white supremacist site in the delusion of not being offended. Your right not be offended is a personal.

  • No its not

    Freedom of speech is not the same as freedom of abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cyber bulling could and wioo most likely will lead to suicide its not far the inernetis used for bad when there are good pepolein the bully its just there problems that bring out the worst of them I mis speeleed all out I dare someone to make fun of me for that (cyber bulling)

  • No way a life can be taken by internet.

    There is no way internet, or a person who bullies being fake, or commenting harsh word is fair to people who kills their selves. In this case, your writing/speech is a weapon and you are killing someone. It is same as murdering someone in real life. As the following quote " tears for tears" Life for life should apply and the bully should be punish very hard.

  • Murdering someone is the same

    Okay, so I think that Cyber Bullying is not protected under Freedom of Speech, because it clearly is not fair. Why do I say this? Cyber Bullying is most likely the same as murdering someone, but instead of using a gun or a knife or any other weapon, you are using words through the internet. The internet is like your way to not kill someone physically/personally. Everyday, hundreds of people are killing their selves due to this problem. Why should this continue? Basically, you are lying people to die. I think that it is an unacceptable and pretentious action. It is cruel. I think Freedom of Speech is saying how you are feeling but in well manner and formally. Instead, Cyber bullying takes a different turn. You use mean and aggressive words to express your feelings and the worst of them all is that you direct to someone weak. If looking at the actions that are categorized under Cyber bullying, more than half are illegal and horrendous. Do not get me wrong it is a controversial argument, but I think the evidence and the continuous actions of this epidemic is obvious that there is a very thin line between harm fulling harassing someone and Freedom of Speech.

  • No it is not

    It is not protected by freedom of speech because nobody desrves to be bullied. We are not really protected by freedom of speech in some senarios but not many of those are true. People who abuse their rights for freedom of speech to pick on those that are lesser than them.

  • No one should be able to get away with bullying online just because of "freedom of speech"

    It says freedom of speech, not freedom to post. Don't you think if the internet was already invented they would have modified the amendment? Offline protests are one thing but saying something to hurt others for everyone to see it forever online is a whole different thing. Sure its not always going to be worthy to go to court but it is something schools should look into and give a little discipline and shut the post down if not major.

  • No way it is

    The first amendment stands as having the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, AND press. However, cyberbullying does not fall under this rule. Yes, you have the right to not like somebody, but using the internet to slander somebody is beyond the point. The amendment was written to give the confederates freedom in religion, and speech, not freedom to bully anybody for kicks.

  • Freedom doesn't mean you can do anything

    Cyber bullying is a different thing. Cyber bullying is a real thing. IT may hurt others feelings. Nowadays, people miss led the phrase "freedom of speech" . They think they have freedom to speak whatever they want . Which, the world now is turning against the bad side, which is't good, that's why

  • No way it is

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  • No one has perfect freedom.

    Perfect freedom is having the freedom to say whatever you like and it won't matter if it hurts others or not. No one has perfect freedom which means everyone's rights correspond with other's. Cyber bullying is not listed under freedom of speech because it harm's other's right to enjoy life.

  • No no no

    No no no it makes lots of people suffer its like swords through your heart its abuse because of the speech so many people died from suicide because people who has no education from parents or relatives that is why they comment badly and pressure people to go kill yourself

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