• Obviously the best

    They revolutionised how we listen to music, and how it's made. Nowadays Justin bieber can't even Singh, and it's probably the most famous person in the world. Electronic music is the amount of the future, which they used all the way back in '97. Musical visionaries, the best at their game.

  • Daft Punk are definitive electro//techno music gods

    I first got into them when I heard the Tron Legacy OST and then I got into their other songs and basically bought all their albums. Daft Punk are amazing. Unlike anything we've heard before. Electro bands to this day can't even amount to a single modicum of Daft Punk's music. Skrillex garbage...

  • DAFT PUNK baby

    Yes!!Yup! Because they are very good and very important in the history of electronic music! THEY ARE VERY GOOD! Nowadays, you think in Avicii, Skrillex, but Daft Punk rocks! Many people opined without hearing a one song of them, just listen a one song, just a one song, to see how you change your opinion!

  • Yes (at least for influence)

    In the 90s, the Chemical Bros were changing the model from what is now clearly super crappy House,Rave,Happy Hardcore (remember that, we listened to THAT). Then Homework came out and nothing would ever be the same. Someone called 1997 "Year Zero" for electronic music and thats about right. That album is a watershed.

  • Daft Punk is the best techno band ever.

    Daft punk was the one that made techno amazing, it attracted people to listen to electronic music more. Even now, they are still listened, because the music never gets old. In fact, every album they create have completely different sounds. However, they manage to make it sound great so that everyone in the world knows that they have many other ways of creating good electronic music, not just electronic music that only sound same or alike. For example, Human After All and Discovery, both sound very good, but they sound completely different. There could be infinity many differences between the two, but as for today's electronic musicians they all sound practically the same. So there is a difference where you can make good music, but have the same applications between music that can be divided and create different tunes to create infinite combinations of different tunes. Daft Punk is just a musician, but the duo can do those different musics.

  • They are Great

    They make good vibes in their song they don't' feel boring because of the beat. And they make their songs addicting to hear. They are not like the others in terms of creating because each song that they make you can tell the difference unlike the others, I also feel that their songs even if it is somewhat old, They are so fun to hear again.

  • Original. Amazing. Smooth and Jazzy

    This is not an argument of whether or not the are the best at making techno, but at leading the charts with recognizable and catchy songs. Their inclusion of interesting vibes and tempos, mixed with warm but edgy sound is incredible. It makes them very unique and a great representation of how the brain can design art out of music.

  • Most Influential Electronic Producers of our Time

    Electronic music gets a bad rap. Not being usually very accessible to most people it's these days seen as the music listened to by people with abnormal taste. You couldn't play it outside of a club without people looking at you funny. Daft Punk became the exception. Even in their early days before Discovery their music had successfully pierced the mainstream market with 'Around the World'. When Discovery did come along they made electronic not only noticeable but popular. Discovery would influence electronic music heavily since it's release, as would Human After All. HAA at the time may not be seen as a genre changing album but it's notable that electronic took a grittier turn afterwards.
    Multiple artists have been inspired by their 2006/07 tour including Skrillex (whether you like his brand of music or not is another subject but needless to say it is popular). The tour became one of the greatest live productions of all time and also changed many people's opinions on Human After All which was still, at the time, receiving mixed reception.
    Currently Random Access Memories seems to be doing it all again, seeming not only to be as good as Discovery but surpassing it. Many artists have been able to become to popular enough to be household names but few have been able to remain as consistently popular even when changing their musical styles like Daft Punk has.
    We won't know what their next album will sound like in a few years time but if I were to wager money on it once again redefining electronic and dance then it would be a lot of money.

  • Perfect Techno Music

    Daft Punk have always been perfectionists you can ask anyone they have ever worked with and this shows in all of their albums. At the time of writing this I am actually listening to Random Access Memories and they have easily revolutionized techno music as we know it... Again. They even have provided some sort of a story withing the album. Very few artists can make music "speak" as they have. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo hardly ever release original music, but when they come out with a new, original album, it is a masterpiece every time. They even have cool persona's behind the masks. It gives them character, making them seem robotic (working with their genre) while still being professional and being able to be taken seriously (unlike deadmau5). I have never heard greater composers in their genre and cannot find many (though a few compare) to match them in fantastic output of perfect music while still keeping their artistic integrity. I definitely think Daft Punk is easily the greatest techno band ever with no compare and I hope they continue to make music for years to come.

  • They revolutionized the electronic movement on France and the world.

    Their brilliant creations and innovations to house music rocketed the advancements in electronic music around the world. The true pioneers in electronic, they are one of the main reasons music and electro-house came to be in the world. They are the reason the electronic music peaked into the high charts, and their unlimited imagination and originality makes them not only unique, but a privilege to hear and enjoy.

  • Same beat over and over

    Sorry daft punk.. But when you say "around the world" over 500x its gets really old…. I think you should follow in the footsteps of Deadmau5, tiesto, and Hardwell….. But over all i really like your beats but please.. With a little bit more BANG… i really like "harder better faster strong"r though

  • Daft Punk is not the best techno band ever.

    Daft Punk is not the best techno band ever. However, they have done a lot to put the genre of techno out onto the mainstream. Many people now listen to techno and their related genres because of all the songs that Daft Punk has put together. They have allowed for many more people to be successful in the industry.

  • There is no such thing.

    Daft Punk is not the best techno band ever because there is no such thing as the best techno band ever. Music is entirely subjective. You can't say any one band is better than another because no one person's taste is more valid than another. You can't name a "best techno band."

  • I don't think so

    How can one possibly say one band is better than another? Isn't it all about personal taste and what one person may like? Daft Punk is a great techno band, of course. But who has the right to say what is the best or what isn't? I personally don't feel that they are the best techno band ever.

  • No, I don't think so

    How can you say any band is the best ever? Everyone has their own personal taste and style, so one person may agree with this but another might not. I can fully agree that Daft Punk is ONE of the best techno bands ever, but definitely not the best ever.

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