• David Bowie is the best

    I am only thirteen and I still love to listen to him and even more from the 70s to 90s. Like Queen or the beegees. David Bowie will always be loved in mine and many of my friends hearts and will never ever be forgotten in the world of music.

  • David Bowie is a pop culture icon even to this day.

    David Bowie released an album on January 8th, 2016. He currently has an off-broadway musical called "Lazarus" that he wrote and produced, which revolves around his character in the 1976 film "The Man Who Fell to Earth." David Bowie has inspired many of today's current musicians and has managed to keep evolving throughout the decades to set the standards for pop culture.

  • Yes I agree

    David Bowie will always be a relevant artist, no matter what. His death is incredibly sad. His influence will be felt for years and years to come. He taught people to be themselves, no matter who they are. He portrayed that through music but it is a lesson for everyone.

  • David Bowie Remembered.

    In my opinion David Bowie is a rock and roll legend. I personally spent many, many hours listening to his music as a teenager and young adult. He is one of the few who is mentioned by young adults today. My own nephew, 24 years old, loves "Ziggy Stardust". I still listen to that album and remember that time of life as wonderful!

  • I don't think so.

    I doubt that teenagers or millenials have any idea who David Bowie is. Although it is sad he passed away, I don't think his music has been popular for many years. I know several of my friends' parents listened to him in the past, but I don't think they did anymore.

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