• Yes, David Cameron is doing a phenomenal job!

    David Cameron is doing the best job he possibly can to run the country! He has managed to stay low and stay out of news, while getting legislation passed and bettering the lives of millions! He is doing a great job running the country and keeping parliament in line and doing the job they're supposed to!

  • The people of the United Kingdom trust their Prime Minister to lead their country to a great future.

    David Cameron is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. However, the question is if he is a good Prime Minister.? The United Kingdom, as far as anyone can see, is running smoothly. They run smoothly as a country because they have a good Prime Minister that they follow. The people of the United Kingdom trust their Prime Minister to lead their country to a great future. If David Cameron wasn't a good Prime Minister, he wouldn't be the Prime Minister, now would he?

  • Yes, I think he's doing a decent job.

    I think I would take a middle of the road approach as to how David Cameron is doing. And I think that's because he's a middle of the road kind of guy. The UK seems to be in better shape than other European Countries but still faces some serious challenges. Only time will tell how Cameron really does when we see how the rest of the EU does.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I would have to say that he is. Yes, they might not be doing so good with their economy, but I would not say it is entirely their fault. A big factor into their economy is how the countries in the EU are also doing. As one fails, they will bring the rest of them down.

  • Good Man just needs to put his glasses on.

    He loves his country, but he is not getting want the public are trying to tell him.I believe he thinks he is always right. Sometimes you have to stand back......When you look out of the windows with the light on....You can see nothing.....When you turn it of....You can see everything........

  • Best in class, done a great job

    It looks like growth is on track to be the highest in the G7, our economy is now larger than pre-crash which has been dealt with strongly, admittedly effecting many homes, but hopefully they have gained elsewhere from other legislation. Further, unemployment is down, Pensions have been reformed as asked for, education is being invested in more heavily (most notably in the North, which trust me, needed it!) he is pushing for Energy independence, which as we can see with the volatility of places like Russia (for which we receive ~25% of our Gas) is definitely worth the investment (Green issues aside) he is also implementing it in a way to protect areas of beauty and to benefit local communities (1% of revenue goes to local communities). He has turned the economy around, focused on Private Investment and small businesses, brought it foreign investment and so I have to say well done David. It must be very difficult to please everyone, I can imagine there are tough, tough decisions to make, but he has proved that what he has done so far has worked.

  • Government Monopolies Over Services Aren't Good

    Let's face it, the British are used to handouts, which often comes with extremely high taxes. By decreasing socialized services, the taxes will no longer need to be high, and people can more easily start and control their own businesses. The government will no longer hold monopolies over varying services for the public and the economy with grow, the poor will have opportunities to become rich, and the people can fend for themselves.

  • We need him

    Growth, Lower Inflation, Unemployment and a lower deficit He has made growth in the country as much as 3.4% in the economy and has lowered unemployment and inflation and is among the greatest prime ministers and is the prime minister we have been needing for so many years! In fact we are one of the fastest growing economy's in the world and the fastest in Europe!

  • We need him

    Growth, Lower Inflation, Unemployment and a lower deficit He has made growth in the country as much as 3.4% in the economy and has lowered unemployment and inflation and is among the greatest prime ministers and is the prime minister we have been needing for so many years! In fact we are one of the fastest growing economy's in the world and the fastest in Europe!

  • Without offending anyone you have to be pretty stupid to think that Cameron has done a bad job!

    All things considered you CAN NOT say that Cameron has done a great job. With the increase in growth and reductions in inflation and unemployment on top of the fact he can do essentially "clean up" the mess that the county was left, he has done a unparalleled job. At the time he prioritised greatly and got this country back on track. The stigma that the Tories only care about the rich etc is just a facade from rivals (admittedly there are some cases but they are irrelevant). There are admittedly some faults and I think David has been good at owning up and in comparison to previous prime minsters it's a drop in the water. Compare us to other countries in the EU and we are doing incredibly well and that is down to how well David has run the country. Having looked at all the parties over the past few years with no external influences and knowledge of previous politicians it is clear as daylight how well David has done! If people stopped using previous experiences of government and looked simply at what labour did last time they were in power compared to what the conservatives are doing now then the poll at the top of this page would be considerably less! Your either an idiot for supporting anyone but Tories on the basics you don't like them or your deluded for not seeing that there have been plenty of positives that David has done. The fact I am young, not influenced by family or my local area and have a relatively small understanding of politics makes my opinions unbiased and more "true".

  • Out of touch

    He has no idea about the daily struggle most families with children have to go through just to keep their children fed and clothed. This man is out of touch with reality and has no idea about the real world most people live in. Just another Thatcher, rob from the poor to give to the rich.

  • Takes from the poor to give to the rich.

    Dropping benefits for people that need it, we have the homeless, jobless, military people that have been used for an illegal wars then dropped like a bad habit. He is letting radical Islamists preach hate in our capital. The list goes on, hes a weak prime minister and in my opinion he should be prosecuted for what he is doing to the British public. 11% pay rise for the sticky fingered PM and his cronies? They should take a massive pay drop, we may get decent people to run the country then and not these greedy power hungry "gang". Cameron is a greedy small man.

  • Out of touch

    He is making up policies for the internet that don't even make sense. He thinks there is hardcore porn on YouTube and doesn't understand that there is Family safety software built into every Windows Mac and Linux computer out there. What's more he's hypocritical to the point of self implosion when he says that the sun's page 3 shouldn't be blocked.
    The corruption between Murdoch and Cameron is so obvious, it's laughable.

    Shouldn't there be more focus on getting young people into work, rather than placing them on a list of perverts because they watch porn?

  • Parliament needs to change

    He puts a side the men , women, and children that struggle in this country to help those who do not need it. The only people that should be in parliament are those who have to work 18 hours a day just for food on the table. Not people who have been born in to money and spoiled , because they will never know what it is like to work 20 hour a day , then 4 hours sleep and do the same again, just for a normal job. It is these type of people that know what needs to be done to help this country

  • Left Me Stranded

    No, he is not a good prime minister! He has left me in a extremely difficult position, especially about the bedroom tax. I'm 20 years old and I'm a full time college student. I'm currently on benefits whilst I'm at college learning a skill (Fashion design and construction). This course has taught me so much and I'm now able to confidently and professionally make clothes and I look to opening my own business in the near future. However, due to being left estranged from my family and having to get my own place at 17 I've faced so many struggles. I did not choose to have a 2 bedroom property, I was given it by the local housing association because I was 17, sleeping rough and vulnerable. So now this bedroom tax kicks in, I'm expected to pay £14 per week for my spare room, then £4 per week council tax, then I have to pay £6 per week water £10 per week gas and £10 per week Electricity, which leaves me with £6 per week for food out of my £50 per week benefit. How is it possible to live off £6 per week? I call that poverty and I call it discussing! I feel that young people like me are being penalised the most. I've tried to find a 1 bedroom property, but there are NONE available. I wouldn't mind as much if I was an idle scumbag who is on the doal because there to lazy to get off there backside and do something, but I'm not, Im in education, learning a skill to open my own business which will create jobs and ill be paying my tax's for the rest of my life... But that's if I can survive long enough on £6 a week!

  • He is the most destructive and socially devisive PM ever

    He's a rich upper class tosspot who's main aim is to destroy the social fabric of this country while lining the pockets of his elite cronies by selling off every national asset he can get away with. To put it simply he's a sociopathic wanker who has no compassion nor empathy for the plight of the common man.

  • No, But He's Better Than Other Conservatives

    If you consider the austerity measures and riots that has happened in his tenure, Cameron is not all that great. That being said, he is one of the better figures in the Conservative Party. He is not much a hardliner, and if you compared him to American politicians, he'd be more of a right-of-center Democrat than a Republican.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Broken promises, destroyed welfare state

    Look around and look for yourself thousands of unnecessary deaths. He made countless promises to be transparent and all he has done is give massive tax cuts to rich people/multinational corporations whilst taxing the death out of the people whilst blaming it on previous governments or people who are too sick to defend themselves

  • Censorship, Villainy, Idiocy

    Whenever Cameron opens his mouth, a question races to the front of my mind: is it really possible for a Prime Minister to be this idiotic and incompetent, or is he just being villainous?

    He is a liar and a cheat who is trying his hardest to prevent change to halt progress and give the Government more power over us. Pushing internet censorship normally comes under "national security", but we all got tired of that, so it's now "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!" despite the leading figures in child protection telling him that his measures are idiotic, and that they will do more harm to children by denying them access to information they may otherwise struggle to obtain. How is a LGBT kid supposed to find information and support if he can't tell his family? Simple, he can search the Internet for help and advice from the many websites teaching about safe sex, advice, and support- but under Kim Jong Cameron's regime, this information, as well as "esoteric material" (which could extend to anything critical of the Government) will be blocked.

    Paedophiles don't use Bing, terrorists don't chat on Facebook about their next plot and stopping the free flow of information can only be a step backwards. But keep disguising it Cameron, and you may succeed in bringing about another dark age!

  • Lack of understanding

    He introduces laws on subjects that he doesn't understand, mainly on the internet. He uses protecting children as a way to get control on what he wants, and get support from the public, despite it not achieving anything useful. Internet filters are the easiest things in the world to install, there is no need for them to be always on.

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