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  • He has been amazing

    David Ortiz has been an amazing baseball player, and he has every right to retire at a time that his career is still healthy. Many players wait much too long for retirement and end up tanking their career stats. David Ortiz knows when the time is right for him, and that time is now.

  • David Ortiz is not retiring too early

    David Ortiz is not retiring too early. In fact, he should have retired several years ago. He is a shell of the player that he used to be, And bought for the occasional long ball, he brings no offense, no base.-running ability, and no fielding. Yes, he is a likable figure in a sport that needs it, but he is highly overrated.

  • David Ortiz is smart to retire before he does further injury to himself.

    Good health. It's one thing most of us want and often take for granted. We look at professional athletes and think they are perfect, healthy specimens. The sad fact is, a closer look often reveals wrapped joints, compressed muscles, and unseen, chronic pain. Elite athletes make great sacrifices to do what they love, and when they choose long-term health over continued pain and the risk of greater, permanent injury, that should be applauded as smart and as a good example.

  • The decision to exercise right to early retirement is a personal one

    David Ortiz is arguably lucky to be in position where he is able to opt for early retirement. He has given many years to his sporting career and the decision to call it a day at any moment should be his and his alone. The idea that the sportsman is letting fans down, or worries that he may regret his choice later, are out of place. It isn't right to question a personal decision like this.

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