• Death Bear Provides Necessary Service

    It is difficult to move on after experiencing the loss of a loved one, either through death or a breakup, but Death Bear can help the bereaved to do just that. Someone in creepy black bear costume, reminiscent of Darth Vader, shows up at a bereaved person's door and removes all of their loved one's possessions for them. These objects can harbor painful feelings for the bereaved person, and disposing of them oneself can be even more traumatic.

  • Death Bear is changing the nature of relationships for the better

    A new service known as "Death Bear" (a character created by a performance artist) will help people move on from disastrous relationships. Death Bear will arrive at your door to collect anything that triggers painful memories, such as photos and other keepsakes. This is a great service because it rips off the bandaid for people who are still struggling with the remnants of a broken relationship.

  • Yes, it is.

    Death Bear is a revolutionary idea that allows people to process their grief in a safe and healthy way. Sometimes we need to purge someone's presence from our lives, and Dealth Bear gives us the opportunity to do so. It is especially helpful for people who do not have many nearby friends or family to help.

  • I have never heard of Death Bear.

    The only place I know of a Death Bear was from an episode of Regular Show. That bear was not a useful service. Outside of Regular Show I have never heard of Death Bear. If it is good at providing a service then I would have no problem seeing it as useful

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