• Debating is Fun!

    It's almost as if it's in human nature to argue a point or belief; whether it be for mental stimulation, fun, or to be recognized and respected. Nevertheless, debating your thoughts to see if your thinking is sound seems to be a fun pastime for people (myself included) i never mean to offend, i simply argue for what i guess you could call "recreational purposes"

  • Debate is a waste of time.

    It is intellectually taxing, better spending all those intelligence in investing in the stock market. Debate wastes time, fun, money and social skills, confining oneself to a small group. When debating competitively, the harms can be seen, a debater will be thinking about debating all the time, always thinking how to debate the motion or so not, it can get addicting, best not to engage in debating

    Debate is top addicting.

  • Completely 100% boring!

    The formats you have to follow make it more boring than watching Donald Trump's son after his Dad became president of the USA. Please I thoroughly recommend you don't do debating. It is a complete absolute waste of your time, and as much as people say it does, it teaches you no life skills whatsoever.

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