• Aren't they All?

    Quite honestly, if you're a hit in the music industry, you have already been through some kind of make over. The over haul of a current musician before becoming famous is a standard in the industry as they work on your outfit, your hair, makeup, etc... so that you fit right into the music/acting world. Besides, all women are beautiful!

  • Demi is Beautiful

    I believe Demi Lovato to be one of the most beautiful women in the music industry. Her confidence shines through along with a beautiful, happy smile. It takes personality as much as physical attractiveness to make someone beautiful. She is someone I find myself watching anytime she is on TV and I know she has a large following. Those are the types of people that are beautiful - inside and out.

  • Is Demi Lovato one of the most beautiful women in the music industry

    Demi Lovato does have a powerful voice and is a highly regarded singer. She is also considered one of the best female singers of all time. Most consider her an inspiration. An amazing song writer a good actress, her voice is indeed versatile and flexible, she can definitely be counted as a beautiful person.

  • Demi isn't one of those.

    Of course, she is a very, very, very pretty woman. In my opinion though, I wouldn't say she is 'up-there' in the ladder. You have many, many, many other beautiful women in the music industry that have the better looks than her. Her voice is definitely up there though in the industry.

  • Demi's voice is her Trademark, not her looks

    Don't get me wrong, Demi Lovato is not an ugly woman. She is beautiful, of course. However, to call her one of the most beautiful women in the music industry I think is a bit of a stretch. I would reserve that status for Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and others.

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