• Discrimination isn't good and there are no exceptions

    Discrimination is being prejudice against a person or thing when you employ people judging people based on there look isn't right they could be really smart and make the company millions but you let them walk out because of there looks. Just because people are different both physically and mentally doesn't mean they are any different to you god says he made everyone to be equal and we are not abiding by his rules. If you think any type of discrimination is right then shame on you, you will grow up with no friends because all you would do is judge them

  • Discrimination is Wrong

    Discrimination against a person based on that persons race, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation is wrong. People should only be judged on their actions, not on any of the above-mentioned immutable characteristics. To pre judge someone based on those characteristics is bad and unfair. It's not right to engage in discrimination.

  • Discrimination Is Wrong

    I dont think discrimination is right because it leads people to believe they are different, and feel singled out. We dont choose the color of our skin, we can help being who we are. If god created all men equal, who are we too deny the of their rights? The constitution states "all men and women are created equal and should live the life of happiness, and liberty, the right life.

  • Discrimination is wrong

    Discrimination creates many problems in the world and stops all people from uniting as one. Discrimination can cause many problems ex: stereotypes. Discrimination is wrong in every single way, bottom line. I am very surprised that this argument is almost 50 / 50 ! So hell ya Discrimination is very wrong !

  • Discrimination is the basis of all pain in this world.

    Discriminating against another human is fundamentally evil. If all humans could truly understand each other and cooperate for the good of the race and the planet, this world would not be facing so much conflict, war, hatred, pain, and suffering. For humanity to survive this stage of its evolution, the world must be united first. Eventually, if humans are able to make it that far, the discrimination debate will not be about different sects of humanity, but different sentient species.

  • Discrimination of any kind is wrong.

    Discrimination is wrong any any form. Whether it is race, age, sex, religious beliefs, or cultural backgrounds. There is no reason that someone should be viewed better than someone else because of who they are. In this age we should be past the notions that one person or group of people are more important, more prominent, and more beneficial than another group. As long as they bleed red, put their pants on one leg at a time, and were born human then they should be considered the same.

  • Yes, discrimination is fundamentally wrong.

    To discriminate against someone due to something outside their control is wrong. Things like race, gender or sexual orientation. It's not wrong, however, to be selective in who you hire and who you spend your time with. You're known by the company you keep, so you should chose that company wisely and carefully.

  • es, Discrimination Based on Uncontrollable Factors is Wrong

    Generally speaking being discriminating in itself is not necessarily wrong. In one sense discrimination is part of daily life. A Google search of the definition of discrimination will tell you that in addition to being “The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, esp. on the grounds of race, age, or sex.”, it is also “Recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.”
    If discriminating factors were never employed how would we be able to determine where to live, what to eat, what to watch, what to listen to, who to date, or who to marry? Thus, being discriminating is generally not a fault but a way of life.
    However, when one discriminates on the basis of things that are totally uncontrollable that is being discriminating to a fault. An individual has no control over whether they are born male or female, or their ethnicity, or the year they were born. So for such factors to be the basis for discrimination is not fair.

  • Discrimination is Straight up Wrong

    Discrimination is not okay. No one would like to feel left out due to their ethnicity, religion, race, or gender. Instead we shall put those "differences" behind us and respect or understand one another. We didn't have the ability to chose our own skin colors thats why no one shall judge you for who you are.

  • Discrimination is a terrible thing

    Why wold you judge someone because of their race, skin color, culture, or anything like that? Everyone needs to be treated with respect, regardless of skin, culture, etc... Even with gender. RESPECT! Women need equal payment as men, but we shouldn't blame men for everything either. Please, we need peace and equality.

  • I have no Opinion

    DISCRIMINATION IS WRONG you shouldn't judge others for who they are. We can only be judged on our actions. Discrimination Is so wrong. Why do people agree with it. Don't disagree. Switch sides. What if you were getting picked on you wouldn't like it would you

    ~Batman OUT duna duna duna duna

  • Not Always

    Discrimination based on some things is wrong, on some things it is OK. On the bases of things that are purely incidental to them as a person, e.g. Skin Color, Hometown,etc.; it would be wrong to discriminate. On the other hand there are things that might make discrimination OK. If I was interviewing people for a job, and one person come in with a swastika armband and a Hitler t-shirt on, would I be wrong to discriminate against him? If I was interviewing someone for a teacher position, should I even consider a known pedophile for the job, or discriminate against pedophiles right of the bat.
    Sometimes it is OK to not even consider someone because of something they believe(Nazi), or something they were born with (pedophile).

  • No, at least not in principle

    Discrimination is how we survive, and people do it literally all the time whether they realise it or not. If I choose not to walk into a dangerous neighborhood, I am discriminating against that neighborhood on a rational basis. Racism, sexism and the like comes about as a result of FAILURE to discriminate beyond the level of race or sex, which is precisely why it is ignorant.
    So you can be discriminate and NOT racist/sexist because you acknowledge that subgroups within these categories do not align with stereotypes.
    You can also be indiscriminate and not sexist/racist, but you are then living a delusion that all people and things are the same in every respect.
    Sadly, I think most people think (or wish) the latter.

  • It is not wrong

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  • Discrimination isn't good at all!

    Discrimination isn't good its a way of bullying or making fun of someone based on their skin color clothing home town or how you look. We shouldn't bully people because of the way they look because that is not right and we are the same in some way and we shouldnt discriminate people.

  • It can be used for safety!!!

    Say there are two brothers, one is way older and one is way younger. The younger one wants to join in with his big brother but they're doing something inappropriate, you can't just say " yes, come on, why not? ". You have to think about other people health and safety and not just think about yourself. Don't just think about the general discrimination: racism, sexism etc, you also have to think about the younger kids!!

  • It can be used for safety!!!

    Say there are two brothers, one is way older and one is way younger. The younger one wants to join in with his big brother but they're doing something inappropriate, you can't just say " yes, come on, why not? ". You have to think about other people health and safety and not just think about yourself. Don't just think about the general discrimination: racism, sexism etc, you also have to think about the younger kids!!

  • Discrimination should not be illegal.

    So ask any black man in America if he's applied to a job and been discriminated against because of his color. He mostly likely will say yes. So how is that possible that discrimination is illegal if people still do it. Because people will ALWAYS discriminate. Now instead of an employer being able to advertise "No blacks/gays/whatever need apply" these people now have to waste their time filling in applications to a job they will never get because the employer discriminates. Also the employers time is wasted because he has to sit in front of the prospective employee, smile and then tell them "we'll review your application and call you" to which they never will. Who benefits from discrimination being illegal? Nobody! It actually hurts people more by wasting time.

    Discrimination can benefit and hurt. Companies that don't discriminate and only look for the best employees will survive longer than a business that only hires employees based on how pretty they are. But shouldn't a business have the right to run his own business into the ground by not hiring the best and only hiring who he wants to hire? Its his money and his business...Why can't he choose how to make or lose his own money?

    If someone only wants to marry their own race, you wouldn't make them date people of other races because you think someone other than their own race might be better for them...You let them make their own choice.

  • We think discrimination is wrong... Except for when we don't.

    Like everyone else on the "NO" side already said... Everyone discriminates based on some criteria or another. All discrimination is not wrong. There are many forms of discrimination that everyone recognizes and has absolutely no problem with. We currently have private institutions that discriminate based on gender and is not seen as problematic. Wellesley College is a private women's liberal-arts college that has been discriminating against men for over 100 years. Well, nobody has a problem with it being an all-women college. We do not raise objections against girls or boys boarding schools either. In public universities and high schools we see discrimination based on gender on a daily basis as mens/boys sports teams do no admit women just as womens/girls sports teams do not admit men. It would seem pretty silly if a man filed a law suit against the WNBA or the Women's National Soccer team for discrimination against his gender/sex.

  • Who is discriminating?

    It's not okay the govnment to discriminate because they take money from everyone and represent everyone. It is however OKAY for people to discriminate against other people on a personal basis. That is a what freedom is. I don't have to serve you with my business if I choose , and likewise you don't have to serve me!

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Shucky says2013-03-16T11:42:28.330
The question should be rephrased to account for the broader definition of the word "discrimination".
Batman.Wiese says2016-04-22T17:59:17.040
It is wrong though.