• Yes, Disneyland is the best theme park in the world.

    OK, I have only ever been to Disney World but I am still going to join the ranks on the side of saying Disneyland is the best theme park in the world simply because it is iconic. There are some fabulous theme parks out there but Disneyland is the original that they all based themselves on.

  • Harambe doesn't like Disneyland

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  • Disney World is better.

    I have been to both, and I think that Disney World in Florida is a lot better than Disneyland in California. Disneyland is more pleasant to visit because of California's climate, but Disney World has so much to offer visitors with 4 parks, a water park, and a much bigger Magic Kingdom.

  • Disneyland is not the best

    Disneyland is not the best. They only have the name recognition on their side. Tickets to the theme park cost way too much to be approachable to the average American family these days. Memories are made at more local theme parks, where people do not have to travel far to enjoy the day with their kids.

  • No, it is not D

    Disneyland is a great theme park, but for the price and size there are better theme parks. Hollywood Universal Studios has more rides and better attractions than Disneyland. It is also geared at a wider audience and has more attractions that appeal to people of all ages and interests. They also have better prices.

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