Is Donald Trump a fit candidate for president considering is feeling about Muslims and beliefs about Obama's connection with ISIS?

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  • His personality and ideas are disturbing

    Donald Trump has shown over and over that he is not concerned with anyone who is not like him. He managed to stereotype Mexicans, Muslims, and women through his campaign. His words are dangerous and have done nothing but create commotion, violence, and division in our country. He will not make America great again - he will ruin us!

  • Donald Trump is absolutely unfit to be a presidential candidate.

    Donald Trump is an absolutely unfit candidate for president. His racially charged commentary and outrageous accusations have no place in the land of the free and the home of the brave. His words seek to strip Americans of their freedom and insight fear in the hearts of our nation. His words and behavior reflects so poorly on our nation that he is by no means fit to be a presidential candidate.

  • No, of course he isn't.

    Donald Trump is a terrible candidate for the presidency of the USA. We currently live in a time when the world has never been more connected, and as a result never more multi-cultural. To let this man, with his widely know racist views, stand to be the most powerful man in the world is a really bad idea.

  • No, he doesn't seem to live in reality.

    Donald Trump constantly involves himself in some sort of controversy or conspiracy theory. In the last election, he always harped on his claim that President Obama was not born in the United States, and that he needed to show his birth certificate. Obama finally showed his birth certificate, proving that he was born in the U.S. This election, Trump has shown that he is prejudiced against certain groups (mostly Muslims) by stereotyping them and openly saying that he will discriminate against them. He just doesn't seem to have the right qualities to be president.

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