• Maybe i dunno

    What is fraud do. I don even no fraud meaning. So...
    Lol lol lol lol lol l o l l o l o l o l o l o l o l o l lol lol but donald trump is probably a bad bad bad person so hes he is a fraud

  • Yes, and not only a fraud.

    That may be all true in the same way that there were a relentless "trendy lefty" attacks on Mrs. Thatcher. However, the more important question is whether Trump actually has anything to offer the USA that will actually "Make America Great Again"
    Love her or loathe her, Thatcher was a binary politician but at least did have an intellectually sound plan to transform the social & economic fortunes of the UK. I completely fail to see how Trumps collection of ludicrous sound bytes and proposals for economic & political protectionism will end up making the working people of the USA feel healthier or safer. Of course, once he has the nomination, I am sure we will see a lot more of Trump 2.0 !

  • No, Donald Trump is not a fraud

    No, Donald Trump is not a fraud. Donald Trump is Donald Trump and his views seem to coincide with his thoughts and beliefs as well as the thought and beliefs that the general public attributes to him. Therefore, he is not a fraud even if he is not a good presidential candidate.

  • Donald Trump is not a fraud

    The premise of the question is Donald Trump a fraud suggests that he is indeed a fraud. He is anything but a fraud. He has garnered a significant portion of the vote, and is getting significant press and media time. That means people are taking him seriously and he is a force to be reckoned with. People are sick of the same old politics.

  • Donald Trump is not a fraud.

    There is a lot of words a person could use to describe Donald Trump. But out of the long list of things Donald Trump is, fraud isn't one of them. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is, and what Donald Trump is about. He may be unaware of some of things he is saying and has said in the past but that is the monster we've grow to know over the years.

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