• Yes and No

    I don't have much to say, even though there were a lot of controversy surrounding Donald Trump but he has some good points. From what I see, he is benefiting his own country but not the others. Because of that, Japan had a huge compact of Donald Trump's decisions. I mean, he understands financial things, he has some traits of natural born leader. Self-centered, risk taker, protective and such. I'm not picking if Donald is better of Hilary is better(Since the election is over and both of them are pretty corrupt). The reason why I made this debate is that he did become the president and also what do you guys think? For now, America is pretty stable but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?

  • Economy Is King

    There is no issue more important to the US than the economy. Trump has spent his entire life showing economic progress with being a billionaire as proof. By applying his knowledge in a nationalist way to the US economy, the US economy can be improved. No one else is politics has anywhere near the background or experience that he has.

    No matter what you believe about him good, bad or ugly everyone will benefit from an improved economy. You can't work on social issue is you let your country go broke.

    All Americans win with Trump and therefore his is good, because he is good for all Americans.

  • Best president since Lincoln

    There is no evidence behind his sexual harassment claims. This man has made America great again like he said. He promised us better control on the immigration crisis. America was a beautiful country but ever since Obama came into office, immigration and gun violence has gotten worse. THANKS OBAMA CARE! He will lead this country by using the true American way. His strong views will cripple the evil dictators that threaten our very existence. This is a man who was always destined to run our country. Liberal, left-wing crazies were running our country into the ground. This man will bring back the days when the liberal media were`t mind-controlling the American people.

  • Far Superior to the Alternatives

    Donald Trump may not have political experience, and may say things off the cuff that come off as offensive, but he is vastly superior to the choices. Let us examine each briefly.

    Hillary Clinton: His primary rival in the general election campaign. Clinton was known not only for various failures and indiscretions during her time in office (Benghazi, private email server), but also for habitual lying and hypocrisy. For example, her claim that she was under sniper fire when landing in Kosovo during the nineties and her claim that all accusers deserve to be believed while simultaneously dismissing her husband's accusers. Trump did not lie to the American people so blatantly nor does he have the record of failure that Clinton has.

    Gary Johnson: Let's all take a minute to laugh. Johnson did not know what Aleppo was when asked about it. Is he really ready to handle foreign affairs? Some would say it was mistake on Johnson's part but a sign of fatigue and not foolishness. Firstly, in most cases, interview questions are submitted to the candidate's camp before the interview to prevent "gotcha!" journalism. Secondly, the presidency is a tiring job. If Johnson could be so tired from campaigning he could not answer a basic question about the capital of Syria, then how could one be certain he would be alert enough when something major occurred overseas. Trump is an older man than Johnson and exhibited more energy than the Libertarian did.

    Jill Stein: As much as I bash on Clinton for merely parroting Progressive talking points to get elected, I do believe Stein actually believes them. However, she is so far into Progressivism that there is no way she could have been a fit leader for the entire Nation. An organizer and political advocate? Yes (although I disagree with many of her policies). But a President, no.

  • He has done so much for the country

    He has already given 250,000 new jobs for Americans, he has kicked out a lot of illegal immigrants, he may not have the best way of putting words but he speaks what he thinks and that is very good and very bad. But he has done a lot for the country. He has put more money into the military and that makes us a stronger country and makes it less likely for a terrorist attack. He is going to make a wall that will help out in keeping illegal people out of the country and that will give Americans more jobs and trump is getting our government and country out of debt.

  • He is a hero

    Donald Trump is quite honestly saving America. Can you really see Hillary Clinton standing up there without starting WWIII or a nuclear war- and what would Clinton have accomplished? Obama- despite being a kind person (or at least that's how the media portrays it), he did and accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  • He's a New Type of Leader that America Needs

    President Donald Trump, the current president, should be respected and treated nicely. Unfortunately, the liberals tend to dislike him at a huge degree and lack care for his successes, which include a boosted economy, less illegal immigrants, and more jobs, and pick on his tiny mistakes, THAT EVERYONE MAKES. No, Trump is not a racist, sexist man. Rather, he's a clever businessman that the country needed in order to fix the 10 trillion dollars the US increased in debt under the (democrat) Obama presidency. Those 8 years proved to cripple America under our noses, and somehow persuaded Americans that he benefited the country overall. This is simply another lie. We cannot only look at Mr. Obama's benefit to the country, which is minimal. These democrats are ignorant to his HUGE mistakes. Once a new, republican candidate came up, they started hating. They looked for tiny mistakes, when there was very, very, VERY, little. They turned from the great things he's done, and unthankfully ignored those. Now, elites are just slamming Trump for virtually no reason, and are not using facts to back it up. The media follows suit, making incorrect assumptions, such as assuming that America is mostly Democrat (It isn't, about 75% of the country is Republican), Trump had Russia interfere in the 2016 Elections, and abused other people before. This is simply untrue, and is not backed up with real evidence. All they're looking for is coverage and popularity, completely bypassing real facts and common sense. Another main point liberals seem to bring up is how he's a racist who doesn't want immigrants. This is obviously not true. He, in fact, supports immigrants. What he is against, and what the liberals don't think he's against, is the illegal immigrants. These people harm our economy and don't contribute and steal more than an average of over 10,000 dollars each. This is not exactly helping our economy. Trump wants to stop this unnessecary spending, but the liberals refuse. They clearly want us to lose money. The truth is, Trump is the leader we need. Trump has brought millions of Americans into jobs. He's lowered crime, gun, and immigrant problems. The only wall we face now, is the liberal wall of lies.

  • Yeah hes pretty cool.

    Mac Miler sang a song about him you cant argue that bro. He also is in a song called up like Donald Trump by Rae Strummed, which boi them are just 2 straight up rappers. So IDK but id have to say hes pretty cool in my point of view.

  • Not my first pick, but WAY better than Hillary

    It's been debated back and forth on whether Trump is fit to be our president (I think he is), but one thing that most non-biased people can agree upon. He is infinitely better than anything Hillary could've given. Now, I know that people will disagree with me, but you're wrong.

  • TEAM Trump FTW!!!!

    Women have benefitted. Despite numerous Democrats and left-wing pundits accusing President Trump of being sexist and disinterested in improving the lives of women, U.S. women age 20 and older have experienced rapid economic growth since he was elected. The unemployment rate for women fell by six-tenths of a percentage point – the second-largest drop under any president since at least the 1960s.

  • He is unqualified and plainly a bad person.

    He is a xenophobic, racist, and sexist man who has been accused of sexual assault. He knows nothing about politics and has repeatedly shown how much of a loose cannon he is. He has no self control, no matureness, no application of thoughtfulness and caring. He is full of empty promises and poses a great threat to the future of our country.

  • Not only is he a bad president, he is the embodiment of evil itself.

    That's correct. Donald trump is the antichrist, the son of satan. Some brave soul needs to shoot him in the head before the end of the world as we know it comes about. He will cause a nuclear war if he is not killed immediately. I am completely serious about this.

  • He's an idiotic, sexist, misogynistic, aggressive freak who uses too much hair gel.

    For one thing, he said that he would nuke some country (I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot which one) if their military made rude hand gestures towards American sailors again, he rated women on a scale of 1-10, he insulted Ted Cruz's wife on Twitter (not that I like Ted Cruz, of course), he has ABSOLUTELY no political experience AT ALL, he interrupts Hillary Clinton (okay, that's kind of minor, but still), and now an actual quote from Donald Trump: "No puppet. No puppet. You're the puppet. N-no, no puppet." He's also a miser and is completely obsessed with money ("My father gave me a 'small' loan of four million dollars"), etc. And since I am pressed for time, let me just top it off with a "F**k you, Trump!". (Note: I have many more things to say — I just don't have time to say them, so keep in mind one more thing: OUR FUTURE PRESIDENT ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO WATCH A SEX TAPE ON TWITTER. This concludes my argument.

  • No he won't

    Donald Trump has said many harsh things about people he called all Mexicans rapists.He is also sexist and talks about woman like they are objects by saying grab them by the p#ssy. He is also an idiot he keeps talking crap about china which isn't good.He will be the worst next to James Buchanan

  • Economy is King

    Business and economics are very different studies. Smart business decisions "force" things to happen in a narrow market that benefits a single entity, possibly by hurting other entities. Smart economic decisions "optimize" assets across hundreds of markets for millions of entities.

    For example, a good businessman can harvest every mussel in a river within 30 years. That's what Johann Bopple did, and that's why there aren't muscles in the Mississippi river. A good economist ensures the oysters survive for businessmen through the rest of the century.

    The best leaders for the environment are not environmental activists, and the best leaders for business are not businessmen. Excellent economists are preferable leaders over both professions for both goals.

    Herman Cain (2012) was one of the strongest signs that voters fail to see the difference between good economics and good business. "I built an excellent pizza business, I wrote the tax plan I wished existed when I ran that business, now give me the Federal Reserve." Nevermind the competitors in the pizza market, the rest of the food market, the rest of all the markets, the workers, the consumers... Here's what the CEO of one pizza business wants.

    Romney was a more subtle example. More subtle because... Well, his base hated him, and he quoted economics studies a few times when they fit his agenda, and he liked to look at charts before he made decisions.

    Donald Trump is the latest and greatest example. Multiple bankruptcies? "I have used the laws of this country." Hardly paid any taxes? "That's called good business." Racist & sexist remarks? Well at least he understands the economy.... He mentioned he'd be able to force Mexico to pay for the wall because of the massive "trade deficit" with Mexico. Know what a trade deficit is? It's not a debt. If you have a $500 trade deficit with Starbucks, it means you spend $500 a year at Starbucks. It doesn't mean you can ask Starbucks to buy you an ice cream cone, let alone a wall.

    He doesn't understand economics, nor the basic game theory of making a deal. If "Art of the Deal" is worth anything, it must've been written by a ghostwriter. He is playing the hand of our Full Faith and Credit without the attention span to know what he was dealt or what's at stake. God help America.

  • Trump represents the dark side of desperate and scared Americans

    Narcissist Trump and Trumpists are the type of people that doesn't believe in facts, because most of the time, facts are the opposite of what they believe. They call it fake news without evidence. You can bring up all the evidence you want they call it fake news. There are no arguments and/or common ground with people like Trump.

    Say nice things about Trump and he loves you, say bad things about him so he can take responsibility and you become his number one enemy. With that type of personality, our democracy is in danger. A person that doesn't care he broke the law by defying Article 1 Section 9 under the US Constitution doesn't care about the law, because to him he is the law. That part of the constitution clearly states that it is forbidden for a sitting president to use his office to make money and have financial ties with foreign power.

    He refuses to prove that he divested his business, and reveal his tax returns to show he has no ties with foreign powers. Again he doesn't care about the law, nor does he cares about the majority of the people. Why? A person that refuses to apologize for racial comments shows he has no empathy. A person that has no empathy only cares for himself and no one else, especially the people of the United States.

  • It's not about his ability

    He represents the biggest issues of the people as a form of protest vote and so doesn't need to be a good president. Many of his stances on issues such as the environment and nuclear weaponry are rightfully criticised and some of his economic policies are awful. His attitude to Russian hacking is not a stern response that should be held by an important figure and will continue to fail to meet some of his manifesto inevitably. However, he does (at least appear to) represent the people that voted for him and is a response to a neglectful political system rather than an able and gifted leader.

  • Donald Trump is unfit to be the prez

    Okay, I could go on forever about this but ill just give my main point: According to studies by the U.S Chamber of Commerce, immigrants do nothing but help our economy in many ways. Like I said, I could go ON AND ON AND ON! But I will just share that illegal immigrants bring up our stock market, are ineligible to collect welfare, aid the United States workforce and many other benefits. Unfortunately it seems that most of Trump's allegations against illegal immigrants are proven untrue. I know a lot of people out there are saying "ALL HAIL KING TRUMP! I DON CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE WERE AMURICAAAN!" but that just depresses me. Sorry people who are finally now seeing how bad Trump is as he continues to make a fool of himself, but WE TOLD YOU SO HAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHHAH

  • Some stuff on the sims

    Many Americans hold misconceptions about many aspects of immigration. Some believe a border wall with Mexico is truly the best way to stop illegal immigration. However, none of these myths are based in fact.

    The concept of a border wall doesn’t take into consideration the fact that anywhere from a third to a half of illegal immigrants are a result of overstayed visas, not travel by foot over the border, which is the only type of illegal immigration a wall would stop. It ignores the fact that a system of fences, see-through barriers, and technology such as drones and infrared cameras are far more effective in stopping travel over the border than a simple wall. These are far from the only problems with the border wall.

    The border wall isn’t a cheap or fast endeavor. According to a report by the Department of Homeland Security, it could take $21.6 billion and three and a half years to build. Not to mention, in certain areas, building a wall would be impractical and difficult. Much of the U.S.-Mexico border crosses miles of arid desert, where there are practically no border crossings. An area along the Texas border includes cliffs that drop hundreds of feet, miles of desert, and no people in sight. The border also crosses directly over Lake Amistad - a name that means ‘friendship’ in Spanish. It also passes through the Rio Grande. El Paso, Texas, U.S.A. and Juárez, Mexico, are separate cities only because of the border between the two countries, and many children cross the border to go to school. If a border wall was built there, it would disrupt the cities and the lives of almost everyone living there.

    Building the border wall would be a legal nightmare as well. A boundary treaty between the U.S. and Mexico, signed in 1970 states that structures built along the Rio Grande and Colorado River at the border cannot disrupt the flow of the rivers. Obligations from treaties and dangers from the flood zones of rivers would require the wall to be built miles inland from the actual border. The border also runs along private properties and tribal land belonging to at least one Native American tribe: the Tohono O’odham. To build a wall here, the government would have to buy property from these groups - some of whom may not want to sell it.

    The border wall also would have environmental impacts. If built across natural drainages, the flood risk for those areas would dramatically increase. In 2008, 2011, and 2014, a wall between two cities in Mexico and Arizona acted as a dam during heavy rains, causing floods each time. Additionally, the wall would fragment the habitat of many species, including endangered ones (the jaguar, Sonoran pronghorn, and ocelot), adversely affecting them. These animals have become endangered because of habitat loss, and building a wall through the little space they have left could ultimately lead to their extinction.

  • Come on don't be stupid

    He is a horrible person whatsoever and his quote "Make America Great Again" is the same thing that Hitler said except for Germany. Every deserves the right to come to America and live there without all this fuss. People say that he is a hero for controlling military. What i say is I am very very very very very very very very scared about this.

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He isn't even president yet damn
Vox_Veritas says2017-01-09T05:33:43.320
Vox_Veritas says2017-01-09T05:33:54.093
Iacov says2017-01-09T14:54:32.400
A bit early for this question.
MasturB8 says2018-01-26T16:44:16.053
Our lord and savior, the third coming of Jesus Christ, donaldo trump is finally president, he can finally kick out all the dotards, he can kick kim jong un in his Vag and show the wurld that america is da best, Donald trump is truly a god. Once he murders all the gays and infidels, he will finaly finish what the second coming of christ started, vote yes for Holocaust 2.0!
MasturB8 says2018-01-26T16:45:42.957
Our lord and savior, the third coming of Jesus Christ, donaldo trump is finally president, he can finally kick out all the dotards, he can kick kim jong un in his Vag and show the wurld that america is da best, Donald trump is truly a god. Once he murders all the gays and infidels, he will finaly finish what the second coming of christ started, vote yes for Holocaust 2.0!