Is Donald Trump a good president? ***Facts please, no opinions.***

Asked by: graddie
  • He has done many things right

    He has created jobs, He ended the North and South Korea war, And he's fighting to keep the second amendment. Yet people treat him like the worst president ever to be had. I don't find him as good as bush but if Hilary Clinton became president we would most likely have no guns and many terrorist would be here right now.

  • How can I trust a liar?

    Since his inauguration, Trump has told over 3,000 lies (all of which have been verified, link below). Anyone who lies should never be trusted, regardless of who they are, and Trump is a prime example of how we need to hold our public officials accountable for their chronic lying.


  • Good/Bad is Subjective terminology

    Curious as to why someone would ask a "good or bad" question. Then, require Facts...
    -- Good, bad, evil, righteous, indifference are all relative terms based on an individual's view point. Therefore, it is impossible at state facts.
    -- Facts are objective data.
    My opinion is does he have a negative or positive effect on America and the world at large... The Environment? Negative, the highest CO2 amounts ever recorded just happened... The Economy? Too early to tell. Many companies are merging so it requires time. Bilateral deals have not come through. Nafta, European trade agreement have not been settled yet... The Unemployment? Positive. Lowest record... World Issues... To early to tell. Although the world views of America have dropped. They see Germany and China as the leaders now.

  • Can't think of what he's done right

    I'm not sure if this is a troll debate, but I'll respond as if it's genuine.

    First of all - all three of the opinions you express in your initial post are incorrect.

    1) He has not created jobs. According to the Bureau of Statistics, there has been no sustained increase in employment since Obama in 2009 (Note: employment rates ebb and flow constantly (https://data.Bls.Gov/timeseries/CES0000000001?Output_view=net_1mth)). However, there is a very real risk of jobs as Trump continues to threaten established trade agreements.

    2) No, he has not ended the was between North and South Korea - there's not even been any discussion regarding talks to finally end this war. He has had on-again, off-again plans to maybe meet with Kim Jong-un in Singapore to talk about N.Korea;s nuclear weapons program, but he and his administration keeps saying silly things to make this meeting less likely. Trump has made the world much less secure withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear deal and by alienating traditional allies.

    3) I don't really understand your point regarding the Second Amendment - as I don't see Trump so much as fighting to protect it as simply maintaining the status quo. The Second Amendment doesn't currently appear to be under any serious threat.

    I'm concerned that Trump will cause significant damage to America (and her allies). He appears to hold friends and allies in contempt and (e.G. U.K., Mexico, Canada, Germany), He shows no respect to international bodies that seek to provide security (e.G. NATO, U.N.), he undermines hard-fought for and effective international agreements (e.G. NAFTA, Iran Nuclear Deal). He doesn't appear to listen to his own experts and advisors. He lies, lies and then lies more (https://www.Cnn.Com/2018/05/01/politics/donald-trump-3000/index.Html).

    Even at the most basic level - I believe Trump invites/heaps contempt on the office he holds - and I think this last fact alone likely means he is not a good holder of the office of the president.

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