Is Donald Trump a racist who is guilty of bigotry as accused by Hilary Clinton?

  • There is no denying it, he is racist.

    On the campain trail he was blaming the Mexicans and i quote " They are rapeists and murderers and we wIll kick them out" this a very racist person. In his travel ban he blamed the quote in quote " muslim Terrorists" . This is the most racist, sexist, and bigotes person in a pulblic positon ever.

  • Yes, by the words that come from his mouth, he is a racist.

    Yes, Clinton's accusations against Trump are accurate. One doesn't have to look beyond the words that leave this man's mouth. He has said racist things about many cultures beside his own. In addition, he's said things that are sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-youth, and against people in lower socioeconomic classes, making him class-less.

  • Trump is a racist

    Donald Trump is a racist. This is based on comments he has made along the campaign trail, including vicious attacks against minorities. This is particularly true of the repeated racist statements he has used about Mexicans. Most are law abiding citizens, but he has painted them as criminals. Those that have worked for him have also heard him make racist statements.

  • Donald Trump was not previously viewed as racist

    Donald Trump has been an outspoken person in the public eye for decades. He has always said whatever was on his mind at the moment he said it. His political views have not changed. Accusing him of being a racist is just a political tactic that he opened himself up for by making controversial comments.

  • No, Donald Trump is not a racist who is guilty of bigotry.

    Donald Trump is not a racist who can be accused of bigotry for anything that he has said has held some type of truth to it. Trump says things that people think and as crude as he may be at times, there is no denying that they are things that need to be said. Hilary Clinton on the other hand can be accused of bigotry, for she chooses to constantly attack the character of her opponents and denies her own ignorant tendencies.

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