• I'm saying this look at my statement

    When bill Clinton had a state trooper bring holly micheals to his hotel room he dropped his pants and said kiss it, this was settled with 800,000 dollar settlement out of court, MR. Bill may have been impeached but there have been cases were presidents have been given the pass on a crime because of their political situation.

  • No man is above the Law. Period.

    This whole discussion coming from the party that chanted “Lock her up” and “law and order” seem to have been projecting their own insecurities about the law. Why is anyone allowed to be above the law if the entire argument for the party to be elected was to be above the perceived corruption within government. Oh wait they were lying to get votes.

  • No one is

    You are not above the law just because of the position of power you are in. You may have friends that can help you out, but that does not mean it's okay. Whether you are president or just a simple man trying to get justice through the courts, you are never above the law.

  • Not even our President

    There is a line in the film Frost/Nixon(2008) in which Nixon says in response to Watergate, "When the President does it, it's not illegal". But that is not true. The President is still a human being and not above the law. And that applies to Trump as well. In his egomaniacal mind he may think he is above the law, but he is wrong.

  • All US citizens live under US law.

    Donald J. Trump, while he IS president, is still a citizen of the United States of America, just as all of us are. He gets no exception from the law, just as the rest of us don't, from the poorest to the richest of the US. Three words: Still a citizen.

  • Not at all

    Before him other US presidents made chemical attacks in different countries like Vietnam, Iraq, Japan, Iran, etc. All these so called presidents will certainly be brought to trial by Almighty Allah. For killing, raping, torturing, and all other inhumane activities. No one above law except mad people. No doubt that stupidity of all the stupids will come to an end.

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DarkPrince says2017-12-06T06:38:41.530
This is stupidity he never said or claims he is above the law. And here ladies and gentlemen we have another Clinton supporter that's pissed off because the post and now he has to bitch about it to everyone else. She lost the end, get over it.
DarkPrince says2017-12-06T06:39:32.417
Because she lost
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