Is Donald Trump aware of the foreign campaign solicitations being initiated by his camp?

  • Trump likely to be aware

    I think that it is a fair assumption to make that Donald Trump is fully cognizant of the foreign campaign solicitations being initiated and completed by people that he trusts within his camp. Even if he has not directly given permission for this to happen then he must take responsibility for their actions.

  • Trump understands what's going on.

    I think that Trump is a very intelligent businessman, so I think he knows what is going on throughout his camp. He might not have intimate knowledge of every detail though. These recent announcements make it obvious that he needs to gain some control, think of a strategy, and be honest about his fundraising.

  • He knows everything

    Donald Trump has made it clear from the beginning that his campaign is his own and no one else's. He has also made bizarre statements about his friendships with Russia. It shouldn't be any wonder that he is looking for campaign solicitations from foreigners. He knows that they are probably all too willing to pitch into his campaign, so naturally he wants to look there, even though it is illegal.

  • No, Donald Trump is not aware of foreign campaign solicitions.

    Donald Trump is making a bold attempt at running for President and that is a huge undertaking by any person. It is not possible for him or any other candidate to micromanage the actions of their staff and therefore, he is probably unaware of of the foreign campaign solicitations initiated by his camp. That is not to say that he should not be aware of them.

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