• He makes them look worse.

    Republicans look bad enough as it is but when Donald Trump came on the scene he exposed them for the fanatical nut jobs they really are. Not all Republicans are bad but with Trump leading the party now the party looks like even more of a joke. The fact that he got this far is a testament to the craziness that they inspire.

  • Yes, I believe that Donald Trump is very bad for Republicans.

    Yes, I believe that Donald Trump is very bad for Republicans because Donald Trump has said a lot of inflammatory remarks that are bad for the GOP. Trump has called Mexicans rapists, called for a ban of all Muslims, and has insulted women and disabled people. Trump is the Republican nominee and now he is seen as a representative of the Republican party's ideals.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is bad for Republicans.

    Donald Trump is hurting the Republican Party. Trump's bombastic comments are driving away not only traditional GOP voters, but Independents, young people, minorities and women. The GOP has struggled in recent years with young people, minorities and women. Therefore, Trump is further exasperating the GOP's challenges with the electorate. In short, Donald Trump is bad for the GOP.

  • Donald Trump is bad for the Republican party

    Donald Trump is bad for the Republican party. He does not hold core conservative values, and constantly changes his positions. He is a loose cannon, and others in the party are trying to distance themselves from him. Trump has also angered large sections of the electorate, including women and Hispanics.

  • NO, he is not.

    A presidential candidate don't have to protect your feelings and say things that won't hurt your emotions. He is good because years of entitlements and handouts from the democratic party has painfully normalize social programs. This has destroyed full time jobs and doubled the amount of people with part time jobs. He is good for republicans because he is capitalist and business man that will preserve our constitutional rights. No social programs are listed in the constitution and that's primarily what democrats are afraid of. In terms of border control... We have to protect our country and if insulting non-americans is controversial... Who cares? Trump is tough and most of the liberals are just soft

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