• Donald Trump is prepared for change

    Donald Trump by nature is a dominant man, he knows what he wants and knows what America needs. He is not afraid of people hating him or social media bashing him he is going for change, change neither Obama or Hillary Clinton was or is prepared to do. America is a country with lots of problems and right now trump is our be bet to solving them.

  • Donald Trump is going to be a good leader

    Donald Trump is going to be a good leader to the people that voted for him as long as he does what he promised he would do. The other half that did not vote for him will not consider him a success, even if he were to cure cancer. Partisanship knows no bounds.

  • Trump doesn't have the attitude for it

    No matter how much I disagreed with Obama's policies while president, I always felt that he was a good "face of the country" to the rest of the world and to the American people. He was calm, steady, spoke clearly, and had his heart in the right place. Trump has none of these qualities, which also make the people around you WANT to be better. That's true leadership. Trump just makes fun of anybody who doesn't agree with him and makes divisive statements repeatedly. I hope the office changes his attitude.

  • He is a disgrace to all women.

    Trump stated that he thinks when a women gets pregnant they should not have a choice to fix there mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone has a choice. Us women have a choice, and we should use it while we have the choice. Women should be able to use birth control. Another example, he has no respect for women, he thinks that he can say whatever he wants to any women and it wont bother them. Well it does, and he has no right to do that to any of us. No matter if its a women or not, we have the right to stand up for ourselves and not let a man tell us what we can and cant do.

  • No no no

    In the coming week, Trump is expected to name his first nominee to the Supreme Court, and the two jurists rumored to be finalists — Denver-based U.S. Court of Appeals judge Neil Gorsuch and U.S. District Court judge Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania — should have those on the right doing cartwheels. Many conservatives wary of Trump as a candidate justified their support for him on the grounds that he would pick better Supreme Court justices than Hillary Clinton. If things shake out as the rumors suggest, the president will soon vindicate that argument. Pro-lifers were given reason to cheer when Trump restored the Mexico City policy by executive order, ensuring that family-planning funds can once again go only to groups that agree not to perform abortions or lobby foreign nations to overturn their pro-life laws. Small-government conservatives can get behind the new administration’s federal hiring freeze — a short-term step that will have only a marginal effect on the size and cost of government, but will send a critical signal to the bureaucracy that business as usual is over. After showing pro forma support at best for cutting the size of government on the campaign trial, Trump is rumored to be preparing a budget proposal that will take an axe to programs conservatives have derided as corporate welfare.

  • No He Will Not

    Donald Trump will never be a good leader. Even if you happen to think his policies are amazing I just do not think he has the capacity to execute them. He has shown many times before his pure stupidity and lack of compassion and he will continue to do so throughout his presidency.

  • No, Donald Trump is not going to be a good leader

    No, Donald Trump is not going to be a good leader because he is too controversial. Donald Trump will face too many challenges from other politicians and the press will eat it up. This will prevent Donald Trump from being effective as a leader. He does not have enough support.

  • No, Donald Trump is not going to be a good leader.

    No, Donald Trump will not be a good leader as President because he does not have the intellectual capacity, emotional maturity and human empathy needed to lead a diverse population of people. His quick temper has caused considerable anger and resistance among the many different groups of people he has been elected to lead.

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