Is Donald Trump planning another Civil War?

Asked by: Drago31
  • Donald Trump is racist! He dissed blacks by calling them lazy.

    Everybody knows Donnie T is racist. Something tells me that he wants to start a Civil War, Blacks Vs Whites once he wins the election

    Donald Trump hates Native Americans too! He said "They don't look like Indians to me, they don't look like Indians to Indians"

    He called blacks "lazy" and even called himself "the least racist person" and a lot of people know he lied about being the least racist.

  • Well probably the least of your worries if Trump becomes president!

    Donald trump has no respect for the people of America as a whole (With the exception of the white people who will vote for him).

    He wants to build a wall across the border, no guessing who he wants to throw over it! Everyone. The civil war is no worry though as he will start world war 3 by just becoming president as he has no commonsense at all. I would rather have the hobo from down the road as president of the USA because he will centennially end our relations with America (I'm English). Boris Johnson VS Donald Trump - anyone got front row seats? I'd pay to see two 'idiots' argue.

  • Trump Has All Kinds of Bad Qualities, But This is Absurd

    As much as Trump sucks, accusing him of planning a second civil war is just absurdly stupid. On a sidenote, so is calling him the next Adolf Hitler.

    I agree with what a lot of anti-Trump people say about him (racist, sexist, greedy, etc) but come on, this kind of stuff is just stupid.

  • He's a negotiator.

    If anything, he would probably try to resolve the issue before it came to that.
    If anyone would to blame for a future civil war it would be the media. You see, to get people to listen to the media, they have to provide a big story, even if they have to make one up. There was a time when the major media sources had integrity. They would gather and check their facts before reporting the news. You could pretty much trust what the news said. After the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's, we saw a decline in racial hatred. People realized that a persons race did not make them better or worse and that we should just judge people by their actions. Not saying that racism was gone but it was on the decline and things were getting much better. Sometime around when political correctness took hold, the media changed their tune. Having all the facts didn't matter, just report what get the most attention and claims of racism, especially when it is a person of power, get lots of attention.
    So where has this gotten us? Now, many minorities are convince that racism is worse than ever. This of course causes riots, demonstrations, and other newsworthy events where minorities express hatred toward the white people they feel are racist. Sadly, this is also causing white people who were not racist to view minorities as people who make false accusations about them or people who block traffic as they are trying to get to work or some other destination. Basically, these demonstrations are causing some white people to become racist.
    Where is this going? As long at the media gets away with it, racism will grow on both sides. Because it makes even better headlines, they are not about to stop it themselves. Eventually, one side or the other will have had enough and start an all out race war were nobody wins, well, except the press.

    On a personal note: A couple of months ago, I was on break and some other co-workers where talking a distance away. At one point, I heard one co-worker, a black woman, say something about the word "mulatto" in a raised voice (not shouting). Later on, she wanted me to tell management that I had heard another (white) woman say it to her. Seeing that I didn't hear the other woman say it, I could not honestly do that. Next thing you know, the black girl was claiming that I was racist because I didn't back her up. Of course this ticked me off because before then, I considered her a valued co-worker. This left me with no other choice but to go to management about it. I guess that sorted out the misunderstanding as she understood my reasons.

  • How could one man cause a revolution!?!?

    That is all I am going to say execept for that everyone would have to agree or I would just be a little schirmish. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . These period are to take up space! . .

  • No, absolutely not !

    It's completely crazy when people scream Donald trump is a racist homophonic xenophobic and sexist. And saying he's planning for a civil war is just dumbfounding. A single man can't just create a civil war , in the late 1850's the south collectively as one wanted to rise up not because of just one man . Donald trump isn't going to cause a civil war .

  • No, that's Hillary

    ~11% of Americans own guns, so Hillary will try and take those guns away, it will be civil war, trying to disarm a 35.2 million man/woman army is not going to be easy, in fact the government would likely be overthrown by such an army. If the government comes to take the guns away the citizens must defend, but I would like for it to not come to that. Revolution is bad for business,

  • Donald Trump is a hero

    Donald Trump is a rich man, I think he is able to fix all the problems that are and will occur to America. Just like Donald Trump said, make America great again. Even though there are only a few people who support him, I still think that he is a good party to vote for. The other parties are just full of liars. Donald Trump is a truther. Some day America will remember Donald Trump as a hero.

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