• Public Knowledge Shines Light on Truth

    While the media appears largely biased towards Democrats this election season, some public light shines on truth of candidate Donald Trump. One has to dig beyond what the Democrat party releases to the media as truth to find underlying reality about Trump. Interviews of Trump employees fall on both sides of the issues and it comes down to numbers. More have positive statements than negative and that worries the Democrats. Take any report with a spoonful of salt. Just because a person claims the truth publicly doesn't mean they are truthful in real life.

  • I believe the employees.

    If you hear from Trump's actual employees, it seems like the vast majority of them are very happy with Mr. Trump and how they are treated when they are working for his companies. This means a lot more to me than hearing from people who are looking for scandal and trying to defeat him politically.

  • The man is a mountain of misinformation

    Donald Trump is truthful only in his opinion of himself as fantastic. His policies, historical employment practice and personal income are all subject to a severe reality check. His job creation 'facts' are blatantly untrue, and he would likely have no more idea on what the actual policy for hiring at any one of his properties is than he would be able to pick out Ukraine on a map.

  • No, Donald Trump isn't truthful about anything.

    Donald Trump is ruled by his greed and his ego and therefore he does what is best for his pocketbook but says what will get the biggest applause lines at his rallies. He claims he is the voice for the working people but his products are over seas. He says he provides his employees healthcare but that is only true for his full-time employees. He says everyone working should be paid a living wage, but that is not the case for his hotel employees.

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