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  • Actually, he's seen as a bloody idiot.

    I live in London, but am originally from Poland and have contacts in both of these places. In London Donald Trump is seen as a yabbering idiot, a man with no plan, an 'all bark no bite', sexist, racist, xenophobic rich celebrity that defies all the seriousness and necessities which being the president of the most looked-to country in the world requires. Nobody I know from the UK supports him, although my personal experiences obviously do not tell the story.
    My friends in Poland are a bit more lenient towards him, but for each person that agrees with him around 3 or so disagree. In context, Poland is a very white, orthodox Christian country, which seems precisely like the Donald Trump demographic.

  • No, I don't think Donald Trump is well liked.

    Donald Trump's pompous attitude, I don't believe puts him in a favorable light in the eyes of Europeans. It's been quite sometime since these countries were ruled by a dictatorship, and that's what I believe Donald Trump represents. History shows that this type of rule does not work, and unless Trump changes his tactics, I don't believe he will be good at building foreign relationships.

  • He isn't well-liked anywhere

    Donald Trump is not well-liked anywhere in the world. Sure, there are groups of people that are amused by him, and others that share some of his ideals, but on the whole, he is very much disliked. His dislike rating here in America is hovering around 70% as he has managed to offend nearly every group of people out there. I am sure it is very similar in other countries as well.

  • No, Donald Trump is not well-liked in Europe.

    Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing and controversial politicians in American political history. He has the highest unavailability rating for party's presidential nominee in modern times. His bombastic comments draw nearly criticism from all sides. Furthermore, his unpopularity is Global, and certainly in Europe. Therefore, it is not likely that Donald Trump is well-liked in Europe.

  • He may be a symbol of America, but that doesn't make him liked.

    Europe isn't a body with a single opinion, so some extremists no doubt like him. But in general, Europeans feel Trump represents everything that is wrong with Americans. He's successful (except when he isn't), he's opinionated, he's outspoken and boastful. He sees only his own side and reviles people who oppose him. He preaches isolationism, a building of walls, in an era when Europe has dropped its walls and tries to remain unified. He advocates solutions that can only enrage whole nations. No, he isn't liked by most of Europe.

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