Is Donald Trump's hair actually a hamster? Why or why not?

Asked by: kodad
  • It's just... Unreal (and neither is this topic)

    I can't believe people think this is an actual hairdo. It looks like wispy photoshop, there's no way it could be the real deal. I know this is just a joke but it has to be a pet of some kind, I swear to you, it's a hamster my dudes.

  • It's not cute

    It's not a hamster.
    Hamsters are cute.
    Hamsters are not alien beings.
    Hamsters are nice.
    Hamsters are not stuck to someone's head.
    Hamsters have legs.
    Hamsters are intelligent.
    Hamsters would never sit on someone's dumb head like that.
    Hamsters are awake at night.
    Hamsters are less dumb.
    Hamsters are perfect.

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